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#293449 Some news about the upcoming Renoise release

Posted by taktik on 17 May 2013 - 12:00

Some people here start to get nervous and wonder if we are actually working on a new release or not. Don't worry, of course we are. Just takes a little bit longer this time.

Can't give you any details about the final feature set here now though. We do keep the content and status of internal (and alpha) releases private for two good reasons:
first, because the best surprises are those you don't expect (Renoise releases should be like Christmas), and second, to avoid discussions about features in progress we actually haven't implemented yet and thus can not make any promises about yet. If we promise that release X.Y will contain feature Z, and it actually can't be realized or we don't want to keep it because it turned out to not be what we hoped it could be, this will only result into disappointment on the user side and a lot of stress on our side.

Only thing I can reveal here now is that it will be Renoise 3.0 and its new features probably will be a bit unexpected for many. We took the time to experiment with a few things. Revised them a lot. Thrown away large parts of it again because we haven't been fully happy with them, and partly started from scratch.
Some of those features also required rewriting large parts of the codebase; with Renoise getting bigger and more complex internally, new features also will take longer to realize with every new release. And hey, we're a small team too. We don't have a big bunch of people working off feature after feature and actuall also don't want to work this way.

So please be a little bit patient. Next news will be the official beta announcement for 3.0. Also can't promise when exactly this will be. It's ready when it's ready. And it's ready, when we are happy with it and not because some financial department says that it has to be ready. That's a very luxury way of working but I hope also a way of working many of you can acknowledge.

So, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enjoy Renoise 2.8 ;)
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#315101 ► Renoise 3 goes gold

Posted by taktik on 09 April 2014 - 15:19


Registered users:

Demo versions:


Big thanks for all the feedback, bug-hunting, suggestions and all the other help we got during the last months. This beta was quite a ride.
Beta bug reports and help & suggestion forums got merged into the regular forums now.

As announced with the r3 beta testing start we'll now start concentrating on Redux, but first take a deep breath and then start with the remaining work for Redux and organize the upcoming Redux beta.

If you're interested in Redux and want to be notified as soon as Redux beta testing starts, you can subscribe to our Redux newsletter if you haven't already done so.

Have fun with the new release!
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#272038 200 Breakbeat Instruments

Posted by ripley on 15 April 2012 - 18:12

so, over the time i sliced/marked a lot of breakbeats and saved them as .xrni files to have them ready-to-use for future projects. i thought it's time to share what i have so far.

- they are approximately 200 breakbeats (most are old funk breaks, some are 2nd gen breaks such as Soul Beat Runna, Fools Gold and others).
- all markers were set by hand. no transient detector was used.
- all genuine breaks and unprocessed
- i cut longer breaks into several smaller sections, because huge wave files with lots of markers are unconvenient to work with IMO
- some of the breaks start or end a little abruptly. this is because i deleted sections that have reverb trails of music instruments and the likes on them. so you really don't miss any of the clean stuff.

download: http://www.mediafire...2876kho8qh2neul

enjoy :)
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#306619 ► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

Posted by taktik on 05 January 2014 - 21:17

Nobody was asking them to put in 'everything', they were asking them to put in the things most people have been asking for, for years...

Something weird happened to this forum lately. Probably helps if I try to explain a bit more in detail why we've done what we've done for r3. Not only as a direct response to you, but more in general to what happens in this forum lately.


This release does indeed not concentrate on the top 10 most wanted features discussed in this forum, but concentrates on the heart of the thing which we all obviously care about: a tracker. That is an extraordinary way of working with samples and the numerical, keyboard based musical notation: patterns.

We devs ("them" - as you say) of course knew that this set of features will not make everyone happy, but we also did not expected /so/ many very loud and fretful voices. I really wonder where this comes from and what to learn from this. We had other releases like for example the Lua scripting release which also was not everybody's cup of tea, but in overall still resulted into positive responses or none at all. This is especially unexpected to me because this release does concentrate on very tracker'ish things, and not on polarizing features like a piano roll or something which is completely off topic.

It's also not that we're asking for a lot in return for r3. Many (probably even most) registered users do get this update for free - for nothing. But probably it's just the combination of changes to an old workflow, the new UI, and the relatively long time since the last release which causes so much division here. This change in the overall mood here actually already started in the Renoise 3 speculation thread.


First, everyone here can (well, must) have a strong opinion on what feature is "needed" most. Of course. But we, here, have to make a lot of compromises.

Like what to do first, what later? What can be realized in a given amount of time at all? What brings Renoise into the "right" direction - what can be continued later on? What will pay our bills? And who should decide that?

If we'd simply stack the most wanted features into a release, can you imagine how this would look like? There must be something which gives the whole thing a shape and rough direction. Lots of compromises have to be made and even if we want, we can't realize everything we'd like to have in one release. This is especially true when dealing with old and bloated software like Renoise. This will sooner or later break the whole thing and only a few people can then actually follow the changes. And even if we wanted to, we could not fulfill everyone's wish in one release.

Then, what is a "needed" feature at all? What is an important feature in music software? What most people want?

"Insert some feature here" won't make anyone a better musician. In 99.8% of all cases Renoise is not a tool to get a job done, but a tool to help you to inspire you. It's about creativity. An art craft. So whatever we're adding to Renoise, this can only help you to get inspired. And for everything else there are other tools or workarounds, if you really really can not do what you want to archive in Renoise. Offering new workflows, new ways of organizing things and "seeing" them differently IMHO is a very important aspect here.

Why are so many people waiting for new features for their tool? I think the main reason here is that they got stuck in what they are doing, and hope that feature XYZ finally solves that. It won't.

And finally there's Redux now too, which influenced Renoise 3's features and the decisions on what to concentrate on in r3 and what not. The main Redux idea (it actually had a different name back then) was to get the Renoise way of working with samples and patterns into new areas. Allowing people to use trackers where they make sense most. Allowing to combine a tracker with other musical instruments more easily. It's true that this clearly does not target most existing Renoise users here and will disappoint many, but it also brings a program that you all like into new areas. Is this really a bad thing?

Another reason why we wanted to concentrate on Redux, was also to expand into a new market. We're a small team. A very small one actually. Renoise is an extreme niche product while also being a hell to manage. We love what we do, working on Renoise, but we also can't do this job for nothing. So the idea of a new product, Redux, also, even though not primarily, was favored as well in order to keep Renoise alive in the long term.


So we basically wanted to get back to the root of Renoise with r3 for the reasons noted above, instead of "just" adding new most wanted features on top of the old Renoise. Not only, but also because of Redux - yes. Sharpen and improve it in areas where it's good and different at compared to other music soft out there and combine this with new and hopefully inspiring workflows.

A lot of those areas (like the sampler) got untended for a long long time. Far too long. And if you look at Renoise 2.8 from the distance, the sampler, instruments are scattered over the whole UI. Making it hard or even impossible to see and understand what exactly the sampler in Renoise is at all. Most of you got used to this in the past years, yes, but try to imagine how Renoise looks to someone who looks at it for the first time.

So we've tried to fix this by encapsulating the sampler into a single unit before expanding it. A bit like a VSTi in Renoise, which can be complex as hell in detail but because you are only confronted with those details when actually editing the sound, the thing still stays somewhat manageable. While composing you don't have to worry about oscillators, what is connected to what and how, to exactly create the sound you're currently playing. It's like a box which you can open up if you want to change it, but if you just want to play with it you better leave it closed and only use the one or two buttons that are at the outside of the box.

The same is true for the Doofer and for phrases which do not really add something "fundamentally" new to the Renoise core features, yes, but they allow you to hide, reuse and share stuff. Either with the community or with yourself.

I think this is a big thing in whole workflow in Renoise, and hope that this new way of "encapsulation" and "sharing" gets a bit more clear when we do release the Renoise library file format and structure. Renoise libraries will be small bundled files, which, when installed, inject instruments, phrases, DSP FX and modulation sets into Renoise. So even when most Renoise users do not want to create complex sampler based instruments with macros, modulation, phrases and stuff, someone else can do this for you, and you can use and play all this in Renoise.

And again comes Redux into the play here because it's a Renoise instrument. So whatever you are doing in Renoise with instruments can be played in Redux too.


So, yes, we don't have something for everyone in this release, but hope you can at least understand and accept why we do what we do. We are clearly not trying doing this to piss someone off, and do not ignore the "community" in general. Renoise was and will be built on top of and with the community, but on a many-sided one. Most of Renoise's core team members are very active here. Reality simply is a bit more complex.

But it's also true that many of those decisions and reasoning is done behind closed curtains, so we clearly should do a better job in communicating them as well.
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#342815 Renoise 3.1 has arrived

Posted by danoise on 12 January 2016 - 18:57

This community has hammered the beta version of Renoise 3.1 for a couple of months, developers have been squashing bugs and doing some feature-finetuning along the way.

A big thank-you to everyone who have participated in this beta! 
What's new?
In case you missed it the first time around, new features in 3.1 include:

  • Support for VST and AU MIDI generators: This means that you can use specialized tools such as harmonizers, note matrices or arpeggiators - things that can “drive” other instruments in Renoise.
  • Improvements to the sound engine: Completely new, rewritten filter section as well as optional oversampling and bandlimiting on sample playback. Various improvements to Renoise's native DSP devices.
  • More love for Phrases: Phrases have become a lot more powerful and streamlined too - when working within the phrase editor, you could describe it as “feeling more like the pattern editor”. And when working in the pattern editor, you have more options for controlling phrases.
  • Presets everywhere. And now, libraries too: Renoise 3.1 includes a more powerful preset system. You can now store/recall samples and keyzones as presets too, and the whole preset browsing experience has been improved.

... and much more. A detailed description of what's new can be found on the Renoise 3.1 launch page.


Now we've reached the point where it's ready for prime time.
As always, the final build is available on our backstage server for registered users - but also, if you are looking to try out Renoise and haven't got a license, there is now a demo build of 3.1 available at our download page
Note also that the "ideas + suggestions" forum for 3.1 has been merged into the main forum. So, if are looking for a topic in that location, it has simply moved - no topics have been deleted. 
If you are a tool author, be sure to check the list of API changes. The biggest change is that phrases triggered in program mode can exist without a phrase mapping. 
Enjoy this release and make some great music!

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#302578 ► Renoise 3 Beta testing starts - announcing Redux

Posted by taktik on 21 December 2013 - 16:52

Can finally put an end to this Renoise 3 speculation thread <_<
Renoise 3 beta builds are available for registered users in the Renoise Backstage.

 What's new

For an overview of the new features, please have a look at the Renoise 3 Release Notes.

In summary, Renoise 3 concentrates on most of the very basic fundamentals of a tracker: the sampler, and well, more stuff with patterns ;)

To do this, we wanted to take the chance to renew parts of the old UI and related workflows too, instead of simply putting a shitload of new stuff on top of the already existing features. Such a procedure always is, well, a bit hairy. Must have a very good reason for anything that gets removed or replaced in the UI to satisfy the changes. Went through a lot of iterations and tries with the alpha testers to achieve what you'll see now. So a big thanks to everyone who was involved in this (alpha testers)! Especially to danoise and dblue who also contributed most of the new bundled instruments.

To get a feeling for the new possibilities and workflow in Renoise 3, have a look at the new Demo Songs, especially the one from Danoise, and have a look at the new bundled instruments in the factory content.

 Welcome Redux to the family

We've been working on more than just Renoise in the past months and are happy to announce (but not yet release) Redux.

Redux will be an instrument plugin (VST on Windows, OSX and Linux - Audio Unit on OSX - all in 32 and 64 bit flavors), which brings the sample-mangling and pattern hacking capabilities of Renoise to any DAW which is capable of hosting VST or AU plugins. Redux is NOT intended to be Renoise as a plugin – we have ReWire for that – but it has been developed based on Renoises's new sampler and phrases to be an instrument. Redux has its own identity, and is more like Renoise's little brother.

This means that, without resorting to tricks like Rewire, the sample-mangling capabilities of Renoise will soon be available to any DAW, too. We hope this is useful for everyone to try out the Renoise tracking workflow without leaving your favorite DAW, or for Renoise users to bring your Renoise way of composing into other DAWs. Any instruments created in Renoise will be fully compatible with Redux, and vice versa.

Although Redux's core functionality is more or less complete, we want to give it more time for fine-tuning, and give it some more attention before we release it. Renoise 3, on the other hand, is already ready for beta testing, so we decided to concentrate on the Renoise 3 release first, then we'll start testing Redux at a later date.

If you're interested in helping us alpha-test Redux, you can subscribe to the Redux newsletter here: http://www.renoise.c...edux/newsletter
Please note that the Renoise 3 beta has priority now, so you may not hear from us until we're done with the Renoise 3 beta.

 New Beta Testing forums

As usual, there are two new forums that deal with the beta release. A bug report forum and an ideas and suggestion forum. Please help us by only posting Renoise 3 beta relevant things in there. When reporting bugs, please be as detailed as possible in order to help us replicate and fix any problems.

Please also note that we won't be very active around Christmas. We all have family and will take a small break in the next days, so during the holidays we will probably not respond as quickly as we usually do.

 Release date and price

Renoise will stay in beta as long as necessary, as long as it has bugs and as long as we all think it needs more fine-tuning. So I can't give you a release date yet. Will be done when it's done.

The price of Renoise will be raised to 65 EUR, but as long as Renoise 3.0 is in beta, you will get it for the old price. Redux's price will be around 50 EUR.

Happy testing!
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#308951 List of feature suggestions for Renoise

Posted by danoise on 20 January 2014 - 22:40

I have compiled this list to make it a bit easier to navigate the ideas & suggestions forum.
It does not represent a Renoise development roadmap or priorities, but is merely a more organized view of the many ongoing discussions.

If you are looking for a specific topic, try copying the last part of its URL

For example, to search for this topic:


...You can search for the last part of the URL, like this


Renoise Sampler (.xrni instrument)

Instr. mute groups 
[done 3.0]

Instrument with FX tied to one track 
[done 3.1]

Instrument: Macro controlling Plugin / MIDI

Instrument: Ability to lock 'sections' (e.g. phrases) while changing preset

Instrument: Ability to route VST through internal DSP Chains

Instr. modulation: "modular" approaches

Instr. modulation: bracket devices (grouping devices)

Instr. modulation: async/free-run LFO

Instr.modulation: meta device (routing)

Instr. modulation: inertia device (smoothing)

Instr. modulation: custom scale for velocity tracker

Instr. Modulation: ability to add multiple filters

Instr. Modulation: custom curve for attack/release stage of ADHSR device

Instr. Modulation: pseudo-random LFO (apply same randomness across multiple samples)

Instr. Macros: rearrange order

Instr. Macros: store macro presets in instrument, add morphing

Instr. Macros: more than 8 macros per instrument

Doofer / Macro : representation of values 

[done Redux/3.1] macros and doofers are now displaying the literal value 
(although having multiple targets makes it impossible to show)

Doofer: allow outgoing sends

Doofer: parallel processing

Doofer: wet/dry mix

Doofer: drag presets to "install"

Since 3.1, DSP FX presets can now be drag-dropped

Doofer: name device after preset

Instr. Input Quantize: more values


Instr. Phrases: retrigger/one-shot trigger

Possible since 3.1 when using a sustain pedal

Instr. Phrases: looping, more playback modes

Looping phrases possible since 3.1

Instr. Phrases: recording notes from MIDI keyboard

Instr. Phrases: Mute/solo note columns

Muting/Soloing columns possible since Redux/3.1

Instr. Phrases: automate/control LPB

Instr. Phrases: (auto)-select playing phrase 

Instr. Phrases: automation (control DSP via pattern commands/envelopes)

Instr. Phrases: affected by global groove / per phrase groove setting

Since Redux/3.1, phrases have an independent shuffle amount

Instr. Phrases: ability to target a specific phrase using pattern commands 

Since Redux/3.1, you can use the Zxx (trigger phrase) command

Instr. Phrases: ability to target a specific sample, regardless of keyzones 
[done Redux/3.1]

Instr. Phrases: fadeout phrase when released (note-off)

Instr. Editor: mute/disable samples (preview samples when using round-robin etc.)

Note: since 3.0 b6 it is now possible to prehear a single sample from sample-list

Instr. (general): External Samples (stored outside .xrni) 

Instr. (general): Custom scale presets

Instr. (general): ability to automate scale for instrument(s) 

[done 3.1] Use the MIDI-Automation device to select scale/key (CC#14, CC#15)

Instr. (general): Polyphonic limit, number of possible voices (user-adjustable limit?)

Instr. (general): Locking Key>Pitch, Vel>Volume in phrases with sample column

Instr. keyzone: more advanced detection of stacked layers (round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: assign different modes to different stacked samples (round robin, cycle)

Instr. keyzone: additional "random" mode (to complement round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: rendering plugins to create stacked layers (round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: triggering multiple notes at the same time (in cycle mode) should make use of same sample

Instr. Keyzone: improve "Distribute" with from/to value

Instr. Keyzones: crossfade of key/velocity 'groups'

Instr. Editor / Keyzone: Sample Aliases

Instr. Modulation -> routing to Effects/FX-chain parameters

Instr. Sampler: loop crossfading

Instr. Sampler: randomize sample offset, other aspects of sound when triggering

Instr. Sampler: "batch-change" loop mode

Instr. Sampler: process instr FX (not track FX) 

[done 3.1] waveform editor has an option to choose track or instr. FX

Instr. Sampler: recording - create sample on each take

Instr. Sampler: sample prehear options (basenote, transpose, from cursor)

Instr. Sampler: Sample Control Device

Instr. Sampler: Bandlimited/Antialiased Sample Playback 
[done 3.1]

Instr. Editor: grouping of samples

Sample loop/slice-marker automation/modulation

Modulate/custom sample start-position

Instr. FX: rearrange chains by dragging 
[done Redux/3.1]

Instr. FX: Mute/solo switches

Instr. FX: FX chain master wet/dry slider

Convolver: drag-drop files from browser 
[done 3.0b6]

Convolver: use existing (loaded) waveform as source

Native synth/oscillator

Performance, MIDI related

Sustain Pedal support 
[done Redux/3.1]

[done Redux/3.1]


[done] Redux/3.1 adds legato (+glide) trigger options

MIDI mappable Pitch Bend 

Higher resolution in time domain when recording automation

Allow MIDI mapping of PC keyboard velocity 
[done 3.0b6]

Allow multiple master clock / MIDI sync outputs

Allow mapping pattern sections to MIDI controller 
[done 3.1b4]

Recording sample, stop after XX patterns


Workflow/GUI Related


Instrument modulation: drag and drop / copy-paste between mod. cells

MIDI File import into phrase editor

Instr. Modulation: ability to zoom in/out of preview

Instr. FX: doubleclick plugin FX device to open ext. editor 
[done 3.0]

Move keyboard velocity to top toolbar 
[done 3.0]

Merge instr. activity LED with number

Bigger browser

Detachable browser

More complete support for files dragged onto application

Detachable Mixer

Detachable stuff, generally

File Browser: Sample list under instrument list

Instr. Editor: spectrum display [done 3.0]

Instr. Sampler: visualize autoseeked sample position

Alternative Main Tabs

Instr. Editor - tabs instead of accordion [done 3.1]

Keyzone/keyboard alignment

UI space optimization

Renoise/Redux UI - retina, high-dpi, 4k displays

Phrase Map - bigger resize/move handle

Remember scope/spectrum display on startup

Spectrum: show note value next to frequency 
[done 3.0]

Virtual keyboard in Edit+Mix tabs

View presets (upper/lower pane sizes and instr. list)

UI regressions

Instr. modulation: put waveform behind modulation preview

Instr. (meta-)device routings: indicate routings at the affected parameter

Vst plugin: disable pinning by default

Option to switch between aliased and non-aliased graphics

Automation envelopes: visualize points as bars

Automation envelopes: multiple "stacked" tracks 


Virtual Keyboard: visualize held notes, playing notes in phrases

Matrix: muting a group should grey out sub-tracks

Pattern Editor: Custom pattern highlight

Pattern editor: Smooth scrolling, editing across pattern boundaries

Pattern Editor: More fine-grained selection of pattern data 
[done Redux/3.1]

Pattern Editor: Allow cursor movement in pattern editor without centered/scrolling view

Pattern Editor: Click+drag values in pattern editor

Pattern Editor: Custom Note Names (e.g. "KCK" instead of "C-4")

Pattern Editor: Visualize waveform within tracks

Pattern Editor: Visualize note length within tracks


Render dialog: Open destination folder after rendering



Renoise General, Plugins and MIDI

VST MIDI routing 
[done 3.1]

Sidechain (VST input)

Linux LV2 plugin support

MIDI mapping/parameter recording via plugin gui

MIDI Plugin routing: more outputs (3.1+)

Retain MIDI port settings when changing instrument

Increase number of patterns (> 1000)


Raise mixer delay to > 100ms


Advanced Edit: add 'matrix' as scope (along with selection, track in song etc.)


Map incoming MIDI using "any" channel (wildcard)

Instrument SysEx Device

"Hard-linking" instr. with tracks

Allow feedback in effect devices/audio routing

Mid/side processing in native DSP Effects

"Horizontal" matrix aliases (for layering of sounds)

"Pattern pool"

Quantize repeater input to selectable tempo

Meta Device: Pitch Follower/Detector

Display CPU usage for all plugins

Auto-seek phrases in pattern editor

Pattern command: "note-off in same line"

Pattern command: "set pitch" (on same line as triggering note)

Pattern command: "Sample pause"

Pattern command: Seeded MaYbe 

Pattern command: MaYbe working in groups

Pattern Command: relative tempo changes

Pattern Command: select groove preset instead of groove on/off

Sample Trigger Marker / Hit Point

Interactive envelope shrinking/resizing




Lua API related

Please see the API wishlist thread, elsewhere on this forum.[/list]

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#331434 Renoise Redux Released

Posted by taktik on 02 June 2015 - 20:37

Welcome Renoise Redux.
What is Redux?
In case you've missed the teaser and stuff: Redux basically is the Renoise instrument available as a VST/AU plugin. It runs in other DAWs, and you can load existing .xrni instruments into it. 
Redux is a combination of a sampler and performance-oriented phrase sequencer and has expanded upon the set of features it has inherited from Renoise. It is more than just a small "Renoise", as it introduces a slightly different workflow.
More info here: http://www.renoise.com/redux
Want to try it out?
Demo versions can be downloaded at: http://www.renoise.com/download
Pricing and Availability
A Redux license is 58 EUR (+VAT) or 65 USD.
For owners of Renoise, a Redux license is 40 EUR (+VAT) or 45 USD when ordered through the Renoise backstage.

What's included?
Redux comes with a small but fine pack of example instruments, samples, DSP FX Chains, Modulation Sets and Phrases - all the components that make up an instrument in Redux; all you need to play around with Redux to see what it can do, but also to get your hands dirty. We highly recommend to switch through the included presets first to get an impression of what it can do.

For registered users, owners of Redux, there are 3 additional free packs available at the backstage too.
The file format of such XRNL expansion packs is open, so everyone can create and distribute such Redux extension packs. We'll post details about this soon...
Redux and Renoise do share the same instrument format, so you can use instruments from Renoise in Redux and vice versa. At the moment you won't be able to load up instruments from Redux into Renoise though, because Renoise isn't updated yet. It will be soon, and then you will be able to use the extension packs in Renoise as well.

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#343670 Effect Commands Cheat Sheet

Posted by Achenar on 02 February 2016 - 15:36

Here's two new versions of the Effect Commands cheat sheet (16:9 and A4), updated for Renoise 3.1 and Redux. There's two types of each, one for screen and another for printing.

3.1_effect-commands-a4-screen-tn.png 3.1_effect-commands-a4-print-tn.png
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#232644 The +1 For Everyone Thread

Posted by Conner_Bw on 08 April 2011 - 00:34

Step 1) Reply, Step 2) Click Here

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#359671 Work in progress: Piano roll

Posted by frenetic_friend on 11 August 2017 - 12:21

The topic of piano roll was raised on the forums more than once. So, that's what I came up to after few days of trials.



It is still very laggy and buggy, but not hopeless I think. There are more features to implement.


Actually, I thought I can start a topic where I can show progress and ask technical questions too. Only after I uploaded demo video, I noticed that it is unadvised to do so. Well, still what do you think about it?

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#354972 Whats next for Renoise?

Posted by taktik on 16 January 2017 - 23:25

I think I can answer this too. You got this wrong. It was about Danoise's role in "what feature makes it into a release and which not". This indeed always has been my decision, cause I was the one how started Renoise, the one who kept it running, and the one who implemented most of it (in code). So I'm responsible here too.


This doesn't mean that we're ignoring what people write and tell us about Renoise. Why do we bother running the forum then at all and keep talking with people (sometimes more, sometimes less). I think that is what you implied with the question.




To answer the original topics question - have done so in the other threads already, but I think everyone got a bit lost now: 


The only thing that is scheduled right now for Renoise is a bugfix update, cause we're currently working on some other bigger non Renoise related project. We don't have the capacity to run multiple projects at once - well, at least not with full new feature sets that are to be implemented. Once the other project is done, we have to see where we are and what we want and will make a new plan.


The last bigger thing I worked on for the Renoise core was a HiDPI "compatible" GUI, but I could not finished it before the other project started. Would make sense to use this as a base for another bigger Renoise release. Everything else is still open though.


We're not intending to close down the Renoise project, but indeed the next big release is not around the corner. As mentioned before, we actually always have been working on/off Renoise, but this time people seem to be more disappointed about the slow release cycles than before. I can't say why, but I think It's not "just" the lack of information.

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#353971 DEVs on what you are currently working on? Redux update?

Posted by taktik on 23 December 2016 - 15:22

This topic is getting really weird. 
To answer the original topic's question:
We're doing little work on Renoise right now, mainly small clean-ups and bug fixing and have started some other project a while ago too. That we're doing something else doesn't mean that Renoise is dead. I think it will benefit Renoise and Co in the long term. We always have been working on/off Renoise in the past. 
If Renoise or Redux is worth the money should be decided by what it is, and not what it could be.
We're actually a tiny team. Some of you may not be aware of this:
- DBlue is taking care of E-Mail and other Renoise related support things
- Danoise is doing extra graphical/web/conceptional stuff and XRNX tooling
- I'm the only active developer for Renoise - always have been the main dev. We used to be max 2 "full time" coders for a while, but since a few years it's just me again.
We're doing meetings every now and then in a small office in Berlin. 
There are many more people around that like Duncan, Paul, SatoBox and others, doing sometimes more and sometimes less work for Renoise - payed or for the fun of it - but there's definitely no big stack of "coders" waiting to implement this and that feature as planed and tracked by some other guys. 
There are also no plans to change this: Renoise is a niche product in a niche market. Trackers never will be THE way of doing music. And honestly, they should not: they make a lot of sense to some, none at all to most. Adding a piano-roll on top won't fix that. Making Renoise open-source also won't fix this: this would simply create a new bunch of other problems.
I do get that many of you here are getting more and more frustrated because "their" THE MISSING feature isn't implemented - after all those years. But we really never will be able to fix that under those circumstances.
Redux actually was an idea to fix this problem once for all, by bringing the core of a tracker into "your" other DAW of your choice, so that you can use all the other features you always wanted, but no tracker. 
This wasn't meant as an excuse to NOT implement this and that feature into Renoise, but we know how much time it takes us to bring new stuff into Renoise, so that was meant as an offer to be more free in the choice of tools that you can !now! use and combine. Hard to say if that plan really worked out at the end. But that brought phrases into Renoise too - which surely makes things more complicated in Renoise itself but also offers a big bunch of even more nerdy tracker alike things again into Renoise again.
I do understand though, that the lack of information is causing such threads too:
If it helps to write more "what's currently happening here" blog or forum posts, we will try doing that in future. Right now there's not much happening though.
PS: @Andrey Marchenko: What are you currently working on? Will our work on Renoise and Redux be well spent? ;)

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#313258 Beta 7 released

Posted by taktik on 13 March 2014 - 21:38



What's fixed?

See [fixed b7] in Renoise 3 Beta - Bug reports: All bugs which got fixed for Beta 7 are now tagged as [fixed b7] and are closed. If you think a closed issue is not fixed, open/create a new topic please.

What's new

  • Instrument properties
  • New Instrument properties panel now also can show plugin program and MIDI program and bank choosers.

    Instrument MIDI input routing
  • The old MIDI Input routing dialog from Renoise 2.8 is back with a few improvements. This dialog shows an overview of all MIDI routing of all instruments in the song: if and which MIDI master device controls which instrument directly with which settings (Channel, Note Range).
    See "Song" menu in the main menu, or "Show Routing Overview" button in the Instrument MIDI tab to open it.

  • Spectrum/TrackScopes view can be enabled in (attached) instrument editors now as well. Visibility is memorized separately from the pattern/mixer view, so you can only show them only in the mixer/pattern panes on small screens.

    Disk Browser
  • Moved browser preset buttons to the upper area of the browser, as suggested a few times here in the forum.
  • Browser file size and modification dates can now properly be shown/hidden (they previously only showed up when the browser was very wide). See Browser's context menu to enable/hide them.

    Sample Editor
  • Added Cut/Trim icons back to the Sample Editor, as requested a few times here.

  • Meta devices within Doofers will now get muted/disabled with its parent Doofer device.

    New Resampling option
  • The old "Arguru sinc" option in the Render Dialog is gone now, but got replaced with a real-time "sinc" interpolation mode in the sampler, next to the old "Cubic", "Linear" and "None" modes.
    The old render option caused a lot of confusion, mainly because you could not preview how it sounds in real time. And that it sounds different was the whole point of it. So you possibly end up in a rendered song which you never could hear and tweak before.
    The new realtime sinc interpolation is a faster, but numerically slightly less precise version of the old Arguru sinc render mode. It has to be a little less precise to be fast enough to be used in real-time, and comes with a unique character compared to the other interpolation options.
    In the render dialog there is now also an option to run all sample interpolation modes (Cubic and Sinc) in a more precise, non lookup table based HQ modes, which can again remove a bit of interpolation noise (mostly inaudible, below 96dB) without changing the character of the sound.

    Lua API
  • Added remaining "missing" instrument properties for the Lua API:
    renoise.song().instruments[]:sample_mapping_overlap_mode, observable
    renoise.song().instruments[].sample_mappings[].map_velocity_to_volume, _observable
    renoise.song().instruments[].sample_mappings[].map_key_to_pitch, _observable
    renoise.song().instruments[].samples[].oneshot, _observable
    renoise.song().instruments[].samples[].mute_group, _observable

    See bundled Lua API docs for more info please.

    We'll update the XRNX pages with the r3 docs in the following days and will also start converting the renoise crew tools and upload them to the tool pages.
    If you waited for the Lua API to become stable/final before upgrading your tool, then now is the time to update and test your tools too ;)/>/>

What's next

Have to slowly come to an end now and do the last finishing touches for the beta. We will not do any more "big" feature changes for Renoise 3 from now on, but solely concentrate on finalizing this release. If there are no more big issues present in this beta, then the next release will be a RC, and the final version is scheduled to beginning of April.

Also it's time to start concentrating on other things here in Berlin in Renoise HQ, like Redux and other things. Release. Reorganize. Reprioritize. Repeat.
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#307584 ▣ Beta 4 released (third bugfix update)

Posted by taktik on 10 January 2014 - 22:26



What's fixed?

Just like previous betas, beta 4 fixes another good load of (mostly) small quirks. Once again a big thanks to you all for reporting all those issues and for all your feedback and ideas.

There are still a few reported bugs open (topics which are not marked as [fixed] in this forum). We'll of course fix them as well for the next betas.
All bugs fixed in Beta 4 are now tagged as [fixed b4] in this forum and are closed. If you think a closed issue is not fixed in the latest beta open a new topic for the issue please.

What else?

  • Mute groups for samples (see http://forum.renoise...42-mute-groups/)
    There's a simple new "Mute Group" setting in the sample properties pane now, below list of samples in the "Sampler" tab.
    Samples that are assigned to the same group will cut off (apply their NNA) other playing samples from the same group within the same track.
  • Added a "Loop" settings to sample properties pane as well, so one can change loop setting for one or multiple selected samples in the list above
  • Computer Keyboard velocity settings are in the transport bar now (see http://forum.renoise...ment-to-top-bar)
  • the "Pin" flag for external plugin editors is a preference now (see small pin icon in new "Plugin" tab - got discussed in various forum topics here). So disabling it will avoid that any plugin editor gets automatically shown/hidden and repositioned. In other words: if you don't like that pinned behavior, turn it off and will not bother you anymore.

We hope we'll have the time to add more of such finetuning in the upcoming betas. Fixing bugs still has most priority though.

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#308406 Loop Point Automation

Posted by Achenar on 15 January 2014 - 19:16

EDIT - Putting the new video here too.

After going back and reading through the various threads over the years and looking at the ideas and suggestions, I think I've come up with something that should address all concerns.


The first thing to bear in mind is that this needs to work all the way down to looping individual waveform samples (see above). It would be rather complicated to send time-values to a loop-point with this level of precision, so instead it is moved forwards or backwards in time relative to its original position. The second thing to note is that you may also want to:

1) Move both loop-points together
2) Move them at different speeds
3) Move them in different directions
4) All of the above

Taking this into account, I believe the following approach would work best:


Selecting from the Snap menu changes the time-value that the loop-points will move to: Samples, Seconds, Whole (%), Markers, Beats, 8th, 16th, 32nd, 64th, 128th. The Range parameter alters the numerical range of the sliders and will be particularly useful for hardware mod-wheels. With the Link option enabled, the Start and End parameters will move around together, requiring the use of only one slider.

The Loop type is inherited from the Sample Properties, but can also be changed here. The icon just after this toggles whether loop-points can cross over each other, swapping their Start and End statuses. The second icon toggles Link-mode behaviour in the following way: if a loop-point reaches the start or end of the sample, the other loop-point will continue moving towards it, decreasing the loop size (loops will, of course, remain at least one sample apart at all times).

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#269156 ► Renoise 2.8 Goes Gold

Posted by taktik on 15 March 2012 - 12:16


The beta & Scripting API Q/A and announcement forums will be merged into the regular forums now.
Lets please continue brainstorming, testing and finetuning the release as usual in the regular forums.

A big big thanks for all the feedback and help during the last weeks to everyone involved!
Have fun with the new release!
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#257458 Cells! For Renoise Beta Test

Posted by mxb on 09 December 2011 - 21:36

edit: Looking for a version that works with Renoise 2.8 or even just Cells! 2.0? See here

Please find attached the first public beta of Cells! for Renoise!

Cells! is an add-on for Renoise 2.7 Renoise 2.8 that turns the cross-platform audio tracker into an real-time performance tool. It supports the triggering of audio loops and samples, complete with per track ‘DJ-style’ effects (bass kill, filter etc.) all quantized in time to the current tempo. It supports multiple outputs to separate the main playback output and cue output. Emphasis is strongly upon the live performance aspects.

Posted Image

The feature list includes:

  • Quantized triggering of cells (4 beats, 2 beats, 1 beat, 1/2 beat, 1/4 beat)
  • Realtime tempo adjustment of playing cells
  • Beat position indicator
  • Seperate audio outputs for main playback and cueing
  • Multiple playback tracks
  • Each playback track has the following:
    • Multiple playback cells (with tooltip of full sample name and length in beats)
    • Current cell playback position indicator
    • Volume control (with tooltip of current value)
    • Panning control (with tooltip of current value)
    • Low pass filter
    • Bass kill switch
    • Selectable routing to 'A' or 'B'
    • Mute button
    • Solo button
    • Send to cue audio out toggle
  • Samples are stored in instruments and can be loaded / unloaded while Cells! is running with no errors
  • Cells can be either one-shot or looping playback mode
  • Crossfader for mixing between 'A' and 'B' sources
  • Crossfader cut buttons (non-latching) for 'DJ-style' cuts and drops
  • Main playback and cue output volume controls
  • BPM control
  • Tempo nudge up and down for mixing into/out of other sources
  • Extensive midi maps (over 230 functions and counting)
  • User specified number of tracks (6 to 16 tracks; default of 8)
  • User specified number of cells per track (6 to 16 cells per track; default of 8)

Despite the large feature list, Cells! remains CPU efficient. To give you an idea of how well it works: I can run 12 tracks of Cells! in realtime on an Atom netbook with only 512mb of ram and using the internal sound card. This was on the Linux version of Renoise.

Here is a demo video of an earlier beta version created by fellow forum member Void Pointer:

It is strongly recommended that you read the manual.

Download the Cells! 0.9 Beta manual here

During the private beta testing phase, most of the major bugs have been found and fixed. However, you may still make Cells! crash. If you do so, please supply the following details:

  • Operating System
  • System specifications
  • Number of Cells! tracks (user setting)
  • Number of cells per track (user setting)
  • What operations you performed to make the crash
  • Is it repeatable?

Thank you, and please post all feedback during this beta phase within this thread.

Finally, enjoy!

edit: Cells! 0.9 beta requires Renoise 2.7.2 but all future versions will require Renoise version 2.8

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#236196 Note Align (Sample Hit Point)

Posted by joule on 06 May 2011 - 15:25

Like this:

Attached Images

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#232645 The +1 For Everyone Thread

Posted by dblue on 08 April 2011 - 00:41

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