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  • Submitted: Oct 20 2014 21:06
  • Last Updated: Oct 20 2014 21:06
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delay dub space echo tape


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This doofer is an attempt to recreate tape delay VST plugin by VOS called NastyDLA. I've tried to recreate chorus stage, 2 different coloration/saturation models, that familiar dub feedback sound, etc.

Tape saturation/simulation not implemented because of Renoise/Doofer/Modulation/etc limitations.
This doofer eats around 15-17% on i5 cpu @ 88.2khz.

Input - signal input (Default doofer parameter 25 = 0db)
Rate - chorus lfo rate (Default doofer parameter 14.5 = 500hz chorus lfo rate. Best results varies from 150-1khz)
Chorus - dry/wet settings
Color I & II - saturation/coloration models based around renoise native DSPs Distortion, Exciter, Cabinet Simulator and mpReverb. A lot of LFO was added to modulate different color I & II parameters to imitate non-linearity.
Feedback - amount of feedback, bring da noise!
LD & RD - left & right delay values, synced to lines.

This doofer have an output stage hidden inside, expand to see. It contains hipass & lopass smooth filters limited to specific frequencies. Also it have Duck mode for adding little dynamics/ducking (works as on/off) and output gainer.

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.