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  • Submitted: May 03 2015 15:54
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Sound Shaper Wicked Bass Reese


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In this package i have tried to make a combo of an instrument and a doofer to make it much easier to create some wicked reese type bass sounds without using any external plugins.
Yes it consumes quite a bit of CPU, it seems the more i added the better it sounded, so i think it's worth it.
A few days ago i didn't have a clue how to make these effects, but after some research and a lot of trying and failing i think i finally came up with something that sounds pretty wicked right out of the box.

Starting with the instrument. This is probably familiar to many already, it's the BigBloomer 2.0, but with some modifications. Basically all i did was to add a sine sub bass to make it boom.

The cream of this setup though, is the Wave Shredder doofer. It takes any audio input, but it goes very well with the modified BigBloomer Bass. What it does? Well, it shreds your audio source to pieces and then stitches it back together into the musical analogue of Dr. Frankensteins monster.

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The Extreme! macro is connected to an on off switch, which will produce a clicking sound if automated, it's located around 15% or lower, so it's best to stay either above the switch or below.

Hope you'll enjoy it, i'm shure my neighbour won't. :badteeth:

2015-05-04:Uploaded a new version, this is the version i used to make this:

What's New in Version 2.0 (See full changelog)

  • -Added another version with a phaser control instead of distortion.

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