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this theme is a 1/1 replica of native instruments/twisted tools project collaboration the polyplex. the colors were meticulously picked using color picker software, after the color were picked, they were quadruple checked for accuracy, and any colors that may have been picked wrong, (renoise usually makes the adjusted color just a bit different for reasons unknown to me) were hand corrected

polyplex has in my opinion and most others, the most beautiful graphical interface ever designed and i wanted to capture that color enjoyment in a digital audio workstation.

it should be noted that the actual theme was designed using factory/video card monitor settings set at default, so the theme would look great on any monitor) i use brightness: 84 contrast: 84 so try that first.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • this is version 1.0 i will be (or not depending on how it works for me) updating the theme as i use it so its battle hardened for long term use and maximum eye pleasure. but, it seems that currently, i find nothing wrong with it and it seems perfect for my eyes.
  • don't worry though nothing will be 'replaced' if the colors need adjusting, a new version number will be uploaded so nothing gets lost.

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