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  • Submitted: Aug 20 2015 05:12
  • Last Updated: Aug 20 2015 05:47
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analog synth bass

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Here's a bunch of JX patches from the past year or so. All 44.1kHz/24bit... I'm pretty sure. I may not have converted all samples down. Very usable. This is just the kind of thing I do when I'm not inspired to make music but want to work with it anyway. I'm going to trade the JX in a few months so I'm sampling it as much as possible before it goes. Some patches are more deeply sampled than others, some are single samples across the whole range, most are deeper, depending on how I was using them. Mostly basses (as in file names), a few pads, a few very 80s brass patches. Leads I'll upload later. In most cases I recorded them clean of native FX from the JX and used Renoise FX to approximate them, there are a few exceptions.