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  • Submitted: May 01 2016 10:47
  • Last Updated: Oct 21 2017 20:34
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Noise Generator

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This instrument should cover your need for noise for a while. It is able to create windy sounds, explosions, weird string plucking, dark synth sounds etc. and makes use of all the available macros for easy manipulation of the noise sounds.




Noise Shape: This macro crossfades between 12 different noise sounds taken from the Renoise 3.0 library, starts on the 'darkest' noise sound and goes all the way through to the 'brightest'.


Bit Crunch: Takes use of the LofiMat to create a bit crunching effect.


Pitcher: Sweeps the pitch in either direction with 50% as the neutral state. Turn it towards 0% to make it pitch down, the further down, the lower the pitch. Turn it towards 100% and pitch will rise. Pitch range is set to max, 96.0 st


P. Speed: Controls the speed of the pitch sweep, starting at 10 seconds (0%) and all the way down to 0.0ms (100%).


Comb Filter: This one adds a tuned comb filter, gives the noise some tonal qualities turning it into more of a synth sound.


Filter: Some filtering processes going on, 0% = less filtering and 100% = more filtering.


BandPass: Control the bandwidth of a BP filter that is added after the comb filter.


Bypass FX: Bypasses all the effects by crossfading.


Mod Wheel: Adds some chorus with a vowel filter.


Pitch Wheel: Does what it should do, it controls the pitch working together with the 'Pitcher' macro. Pitch range is set to max, 96.0 st. In version 0.7 this also controls the transpose of the comb filter.


Pressure Switch: A booster that adds some drive and ups the resonance of the filters controlled by the 'Filter' macro.


You have to be aware that this is a complex instrument that consumes quite a bit of CPU. The lite version is probably good enough in most cases, so i suggest using this one if you're running low on CPU.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 0.6a: first edition
  • 0.6c lite version: resampling turned off on the filters. consumes a lot less CPU.
  • 0.7: pitch wheel now also transposes the comb filter
  • 1.0: Away with the awful comb filter and in with an awesome chorus feature. Mod Wheel controls the filter mode of the chorus, you can make lots of cool sounds with the different types.