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Discuss Goto Download Chris Huelsbeck's Turrican II - Freedom (Amiga version, Renoise Remake) Renoise 3.1

Turrican 2 Ending Theme


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Remake of the Turrican 2 ending theme made with Renoise. I used all the original samples from the original of the Amiga version.. The samples where extracted from the TFMX Editor, a Tracker software for the Commodore Amiga. The TFMX Editor was programmed and used by Chris Huelsbeck, the creator of the original music. This program was used for all Turrican 1 & 2 music and for much more other game music made by Chris Huelsbeck.


It was a hard work of two weeks. The TFMX Editor is a heavy to understand program, even for me, a 90's tracker nerd. ;)
It was a very hard work to recreate it as good as possible with renoise. Lots of effect commands experimenting, trial & error, finding out the exact notes and their lengths, etc., because a lot of functions used in TFMX can't be recreated the same way in Renoise and i had to find another way to realize them with just the internal options of Renoise. Especially that Arp sound which starts from the beginning of the track. It has a special "from previous note to actual note" effect, which can't be realised the same way in Renoise and i had to re-sample it with the effect already on the notes (the reason why i used the phrase editor in Renoise for it). But i think it comes very close to the original.


I made a video how it looks inside Renoise:


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