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Discuss Goto Download Continuous knob stepless new 3.1 ringmod and comb filter 1.1

doofer comb ringmod renoise 3.1 redux 1.0 continuous range

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Update Version 1.1:


Sorry, I've been a fool yesterday. The intrinsic inertia actually works well with my hack if it is turned to at least around 50% - even with low tickspeeds. Better (smoother) than my formula device inertia.


Also I had accidentally used a non-linear macro mapping curve, I reverted it to linear in the new version. This won't weight the high frequencies so much over the freq knob range as before.



Original 1.0 Post:


These are two doofers enabling the new comb filter and ringmod introduced in redux 1.0 and renoise 3.1 to be used with a single continuous knob over the whole range, in stepless fashion.


I know this is a thing some people on the forum here wanted, especially as the old ringmod is currently broken in 3.1 and the new one has superior sound quality. I first thought it was a silly idea that could just go wrong and put it on the list of things to do in vain when utter boredom strikes, but after I made it real, I was surprised how well it works!


As it will only work with formula devices and without the builtin devices' inertias, I've added a simple leaky integrator inertia formula device, the value entered being vaguely milliseconds worth until arrival at some percents close to the target value. You might want to connect the freq knob directly to the hydra, disabling the inertial formula device, if you plan things like tight timing graphical modulation, or different knob translation curves.


Note you will still get steppy modulations if you use it at low tick speeds. This is due to the formula devices used can't work with higher resolution than global tick speed. So using lpb 8 and tpl 12 at average bpm values as minimum is recommended.


Feel free to comment the tools (I know some of you are eager to have something like this), or ask for versions with improvements of fixes, or suggest alternate knob curve or inertia formulas. I'm already planning extended keytracking for example, allowing for detunes and configurable bend ranges using this trick.


Otherwise take as it is. This is just granted, no unfair complains or demands wanted. Have fun!

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • 1.0 - initial versions
  • 1.1 - use different knob curve and native devices' inertia