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hipass filter stack

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Hi! Another simple doofer from me.


It is just a stack of 9 butterworth n8 highpass filters, each tuned to the same freq via a freq knob.


A building block for digital sound design. Try it, if used right it can sound really beautiful!


The first dial is directly passed on to the cutoffs of each filter.


The second, "Stages" selects the number of active highpass filters. 0% are no filters, 10% one, 20% two filters, and so on until nine filters in series are active. Better not automate it, just use it for setting up the filter or testing which setting is the best for a task. It will glitch unpleasantly when turning filter on/off.


The third links directly to the filters inertias.


It is a nice effect, because each filter smears the phase of the signal more towards the cutoff a little. The more filters in series active - the stronger the smearing/delay, until all steps/transients in the input get more and more transformed into zap or bassdrum kind of noises. Of course it chops the bottom off as it is still strong highpass filters in action, so for basses or so you might want to process the sub freqs in parallel. You will also notice when automating cutoffs with inertia, that the slight phase shift that happens when a filter cutoff is moved will also massively build up until it is almost sounding like small pitch bends.


I mainly set this up because I use it often and found tuning the right number of filters and the general setup so time consuming that it called for a pretty preset to make things easier. And so I don't loose it and because I think it is cool I share it with you.


I've set each filter to no oversampling, but I find the effect doesn't really suffer, and hey it is up to 9 filters eating cpu. You might want to tune oversampling yourself.


Also other filter types is perfectly possible, why not try changing them and saving the new presets. The cheby filters sound a bit more spacy and wild, and will result in different audio depending on the number of filters is even or odd.


And when you use lowpass instead of hipass filters you can get a really rad monster diplodocus fart sound filter for basses. The analog filters don't shine as much as the digital with this little trick, imho.

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