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Library Renoise Redux LoFi IDM Electronica Glitchy Breakbeat Experimental


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About this pack (in djeroek's own words)


Expect lofi, idm/electronica, glitchy breakbeat and perhaps experimental flavored instruments.


124 bpm is the base tempo for programming a lot of the beats. Of course you can set any desired tempo, see where you can make the rhythms fit. Also note I was using a multiband compressor on the master-track output with an emphasis on bass when I made these, you might want to add/change low frequency settings per instrument, boosting bass where necessary.


There also is an alikeness in the order of the 8 macro options across instruments. Most of the instruments start of with a knob that determines the duration of each sample, possibly an attack parameter when dealing with pads, followed by panning control, pitch settings (from/too/duration), filter settings (cutoff/res), drive & lastly effects (reverb/delays).
Often the pitch is linked with the pitchbend macro as well and 'something' is set to the modulation macro.
I think the pitch settings in particular, being able to determine the speed at which the pitch of each sample moves from starting to end pitch in combination with the volume duration setting, is a very powerful technique creating tonal variations quickly (from sharper transients to prolonged pitch sweeps). Not to mention coloring the sound further with filters and/or effects like convolution opens up various cans of feels ;)


Be sure to go through the different phrases in each instrument, I've tried my best creating, showing different options, from syncopated breaks to 4 to the floor patterns.


I hope besides using the supplied instruments, users play around and replace samples with their own, build new phrases or alter existing ones, change modulation & track-dsp set-ups to fit their own style and perhaps share the 'remixed' creations in the downloads section of the forum!


Some final words:


Honored to be asked for another pack for the best tracker out there, I hope some of these instruments will inspire (new) users, same as I was inspired years ago learning protracker through "Jesus on E's" mod rips on the Amiga :)
Lastly, big ups to all Renoise crew, devs, forum dwellers & doofer/content creators! I've completely ripped the downloads section and tips & tricks forum, pimping sends with effect chains and doofers in the Effects tab, thanks all!


Djeroek aka JTPE


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert
Bandcamp: https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/


How to install/use


Renoise/Redux instrument libraries (.xrnl files) can be installed by dragging the file on top of the program/plugin window.
Once installed, the library’s contents will be available to use through the preset menu(s).


More information about the library format is available in our online documentation.

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