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Experimental Jazz Free


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Done for the Renoise Natives Competition and is influenced by Breakbeat


Why do we need to be set in rigid structure, form, studies, sound, history, context? Why can't we just make art? Why do we have to be bound by art, by expectations, to past experiences? Why does sound have to come from somewhere? Why does art have to be set up? Why does art have to make sense? We should have liberation set up from atmosphere, and emotional and logical conveyance. Why can't we have rigid structure for forms that don't have to be bound by sense? Art can be spiritual, art can be primal art and can be free from the bonds of formality and academic expectation.


This track is inspired by John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, 80's music, Metal Gear Solid V Soundtrack, and probably Phil Collins in some kind of way. I spent about two days on it, but was really interested in doing something experimental, raw, and primal sounding. The song is about letting go, letting the creative process take over, and just putting down the ideas. Music can be a spiritual being, and just take over, leading you down a stream of consciousness.


If you want to get in touch, reach me here: brandflakemario1@gmail.com