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Zer0 Fly

Shit whats happening, people are going crazy or so, in the supermarket I just seen a guy in a rabbit suit mumbling to himself when he had seen some children, and everyone just didn't take notice...
Apr 15 2017 15:46
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    damn...yes..., and I better lock my door until easter is over...
    Apr 15 2017 17:28
  • TheBellows's Photo
    I think me and my flu will enjoy the rest of easter in my bed watchin easter chrime series.
    Apr 15 2017 17:34
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    Yeh I don't like dressing like a rabbit and sitting on painted eggs until some chicks appear, so it...just get down with the rope and music I wanted to listen to since ever, so it no bad that the door is locked. Hope my neigthbors like reese basses. cheers, may your flu be cured soon!

    Apr 15 2017 22:27