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Zer0 Fly

Reading about reports from people who've done DMT. - the rocket ship, that will slam the possible reasons hidden inside us in the person's faces, without them able to really get hold of them or having to transform themselves before. Interesting nonetheless! I'd never do myself...
May 08 2018 18:20
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    If you want to try DMT you can join an ayahuasca seremony. Ayahuasca is some en extract of some bark which contains DMT. I haven't tried it personally, but my brother and others i know have tried it. Some say it's cleansing, some say it's trippy, some say it's spiritual. It's not something you should try if you just want to have fun. I advise you not to smoke DMT unless you know what you're getting into.
    May 11 2018 17:54
  • El°HYM's Photo
    Why dont u just decalcify ur #pinealgland, if u wanna try out DMT.
    May 11 2018 19:35
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    I pity the people who try it and risk losing their human self-understanding and sanity just "to have some fun" - to be have their mind eaten alive and be reborn while fully conscious about it...

    yet our world is so grim, that it might prove mercy for some, to be removed from the struggle for good...
    May 12 2018 19:31