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Zer0 Fly

Just when I thought my life as mentally disabled guy was already shitty enough - fucking psychotic magical death trip since weeks to make it even worse
Sep 13 2018 14:38
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    Zer0 Fly
    relax bro they need no chips for the show, but also cannot fully control, thing is going since humans exist, called paranoia & just happens to be built in naturally into the core of the human spirit...meditate to make yours strong, mine is already crippled beyond hope
    Sep 15 2018 01:34
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    I really believe that technology is already here and that they can put ideas into peoples heads to directly influence the outcome of elections for example, calling it 'power of prayer' or 'witchcraft' when its actually technology which coerces people with positive and negative reinforcement like pavlovs dog.
    Sep 15 2018 18:09
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    Zer0 Fly
    I think the natural faith/belief/discipline instincs might be very well targets of modern technology for sublime manipulations on people who are already receptive, making them vote devils. But I just got fucked much deeper inside, this time it seems like it yielded hard damage, I'll see if I will recover or stay this way. At least I can renoise again!
    Sep 15 2018 18:43