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Superior beings definitely speak in other harmonic ways than the earth way because they’re talking something different, and you have to have chord against chord, melody against melody, rhythm against rhythm, if you’ve got that, you’re expressing something else. (Sun Ra)
Mar 03 2018 18:12
  • El°HYM's Photo
    In the end of the day; all still & only #slaves with different privileges....the #truth about this world, is a sad truth.
    Mar 06 2018 11:39
  • OopsIFly's Photo
    if u got money...u can buy part of hive, too, or build some extension of your own. then you can also have people work for you. but you have to be apt, ruthless and aggressive, you need to be able to constantly nourish your slaves and pay protection money to the croupier caste, else you will loose your part pretty soon.
    Mar 06 2018 12:45
  • El°HYM's Photo
    ...still being #kapo prisoners with higher privileges, yet also caught in the same #system.
    Mar 06 2018 12:52