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Was learning about IR samples today and came across a guy who'd created a bunch of them for his end of year college project or something. He distributed them all for free from from his dropbox account. Might be worth a look, I tested one of the springs, they seem ok. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0ocfp5ficiga3al/AAA2P0YZTEteNhJJIZqUvs0Ja?dl=0
Apr 11 2017 20:17
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    My tip look for IR samples from thousands€ pro rack reverb units, those are the good ones, springs or real spaces can have nice unusual sounds but the rack fx are the cleanest, crispest, easiest to work with imho.
    Apr 12 2017 14:55
  • Redman's Photo
    Cool, thanks for the tip.
    Apr 12 2017 16:48