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God damn sampling ain't easy. Listening to Bonobo's song Recurring made me realise just how much has to go into a complete track (and it's one of his old tracks to). All the tracks, layers, melodies, counter-melodies, being able to spin a sample, match different tempoed / different tuned samples, having access to recording equipment to record your own instruments (if you got them). And then being able to compose it all, mix and master it. Makes my head spin just thinking about. I...
Sep 14 2018 05:05
  • Type-A's Photo
    i like Bonobo hissong flashlight its really cool :)

    Sep 14 2018 12:36
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    I tend to believe such mastery comes by talent+experience, and a whole lot of random and fortunate inspirations while messing around with the well-organized samples...which makes every piece unique btw...don't try to overthink it by thinking it is all rationally planned actions
    Sep 14 2018 14:27