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grub rescue> WTF?
Feb 20 2017 09:38
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    using linux means constantly fixing it and/or having to live with lots of silly glitches, its a nerd lifestyle and the reason why 99% of private computers still run win or mac
    Feb 20 2017 17:25
  • TheBellows's Photo
    All my attempts at fixing the bootloader has failed so far, it doesn't seem to want to load up from my usb stick.
    Feb 20 2017 18:07
  • TheBellows's Photo
    Technology has gone bonkers on me lately, first modem stopped working properly, so i had to replace it today and then my computer went dead, but fortunately i got it sorted now. Stupid me didn't format for the correct system at first, but i have ran boot repair now and it worked great.
    Feb 21 2017 17:04