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Lol, i just loaded some PSD files as samples in Renoise, that sounds pretty weird, one file sounds just like a distorted fly. :P
Apr 13 2018 16:06
  • danoise's Photo
    Hey, I've had fun doing this too. PSDs are a great choice for raw wave data - probably since they are not fully compressed? Or something :D
    Apr 13 2018 20:46
  • TheBellows's Photo
    Yes, they give some very interesting results, much more interesting than most file types i've tried. Maybe it's because they have so much going on like layers, blending modes, vector graphics, text and what not. I get quite a lot of variation too. I think i need to investigate this a bit further and attempt to design my own sounds in Photoshop. :P
    Apr 13 2018 21:05
  • TheBellows's Photo
    I noticed it changed drastically when i added a 3D layer...

    Apr 13 2018 21:22