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At Black Friday i ended up buying a new power supply, new cpu fan and a GTX 1050 TI. I'm a bit confused because i just opened a track that used too much CPU for my previous setup, but now the CPU is only in the 30's. Can this really have improved Renoise performance 3x?
Dec 06 2018 13:57
  • TheBellows's Photo
    I changed the whole cooler, new layer of thermal paste and so on. It's not supposed to be the best cooler and it wasn't expensive, but it seems to to it's job, measured about it 53 Celsius in bios.
    Dec 07 2018 12:23
  • Garf's Photo
    Stock coolers are just total garbage, why do they deliberately sabotage their own products?
    Dec 07 2018 13:22
  • TheBellows's Photo
    So that we soon have to go buy a new one perhaps? I actually bought another cooler when i ordered the PC years ago, but a screw broke when i tried to install it and it was a special screw and i never got around to fixing it.
    Dec 07 2018 14:24