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anyone using gaming type of mouses together with Renoise, you know, a mouse with more clickable buttons then just left/right + scroll wheel? Can you link these buttons to keyboard shortcuts? Might be some workflow enhancement possible :)
Apr 12 2017 11:28
  • Zer0 Fly's Photo
    Zer0 Fly
    Normally those devices come with some kind of macro functionality, also allowing to map key combos or even timed sequences to macro keys/buttons. Differs from each manufacturer though.

    I use a gaming mouse+keyboard, but not for macros yet, more for the snappy easy feeling using them. might map the 7 macro keys of my keyb to switching gui modes soon.
    Apr 12 2017 16:44
  • toblerpone's Photo
    Using it and can't imagine my life without it, from the scripted buttons, with several script profiles, to the custom dpi setting button for making more precise mouse movements.
    Apr 13 2017 04:19