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figgin merlin (finetunes) copyright claims on youtube. Anyone here ever encountered copyright problems on youtube / disputed their claims, don't have time for the back & forth.
Dec 01 2017 17:06
  • dblue's Photo
    (Assuming the audio is actually your original work and not sampled from something else...)
    Dec 01 2017 18:22
  • Djeroek's Photo
    yeah, due to my shit sample administration I unfortunately can't be too confident :) .
    Dec 01 2017 18:35
  • Djeroek's Photo
    I have a feeling a bot of theirs scrapes youtube for audio and auto-flags the content. They will 'allow' the music to remain, but will add advertisements, from which the revenue will go straight to Merlin. If like me, a lot of people can't be bothered to dispute, I reckon it is a decent money scam.
    Dec 01 2017 18:37