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anyone here have a mssiah card for the C64, worth soldering in a second SID? Recently got such a card, but only one SID chip here...
Sep 26 2018 23:05
  • Djeroek's Photo
    Yep :) , paying a bit extra, but hope it is worth it.
    Do you or anyone reading this know if there is a gotek-like solution for the c64 where you can hook up an external (usb) drive to playback games?
    Sep 28 2018 22:54
  • midi error's Photo
    midi error
    idk im sure someone must have done one
    Sep 30 2018 06:43
  • Djeroek's Photo
    Found a good one, though not cheap, also got dual chip emulation inside; https://ultimate64.com/Ultimate2Plus_Black_Tape
    Sep 30 2018 10:27