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Tracktion 9 beta released! Looks interesting. https://tinyurl.com/ybmkr2ky
Jan 06 2018 13:38
  • toimp's Photo
    Any specific feature that other daws dont have?
    Jan 07 2018 14:34
  • Akiz's Photo
    Chord track - define key and chords for whole track, all isntruments can follow it but i find it cumbersome with melody. But nice feature.

    It has very good modulators, something like bitwig 1.

    And then faccets, you can create native daw look for any vst you have got and then use it in a virtual rack. Interesting.

    I like it so far but it is still bugy and rough in a lot of ways, renoise or reaper are much more polished.
    Jan 07 2018 15:52