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Renoise won't start, locks up comp

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Posted 16 March 2003 - 08:13

Just downloaded 1.25 and am eager to give this program a try, but it won't run for some reason. The splash logo shows up, then the screen goes black and the resolution switches to (I think) 1024x768. The screen then stays black while the hourglass cursor sits there and the HD light flashes occasionally. After a while the hourglass changes to a normal pointer, but nothing more happens. If I click around a few times, the PC speaker (!) starts beeping. Even Ctrl-Alt-Del won't do anything.

My Setup:
Athlon MP 1600+ 1.4GHz
256 MB RAM
GeForce3 Ti200
AOpen AW744 sound
Windows XP Home
Detonator 40.72