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Keyjazz without multichannel recording.

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#1 Guest_phonkey_*

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Posted 26 April 2002 - 08:27

I've never been a fan of the keyjazz option in its present form.
What I would suggest is this:

You should have an option that allowed you to play chords in non-edit mode, like now, but when you go into edit mode you should only be able to edit in the current track. What I mean is that I want the feature to HEAR the chord but I would like the control of wich track is edited. If I have a big jazz range then a added note might appear in a track out of the viewing range.

As it is now I have to turn of the jazz range every time I go into edit mode.


#2 Guest_Johan_*

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Posted 26 April 2002 - 18:11

Very good idea!!
Renoise beta introduced a command (don't remember the number) that lets you play chords on one channel... like arpeggio but it actually mixes the notes into one channel. With this feature it couldn't be too hard to make "live" playing be mixed just on the current channel like you describe. And this would solve the problem that the current keyjazz uses different fx depending on which channels it's played in.

So I agree that keyjazz in it's current form is not very usable although it's good sometimes. Ideally there would be one more option:

Keyjazz: off/on/1 channel

#3 Guest_TakTik_*

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Posted 26 April 2002 - 19:35

seems that you can see what I've allready done here :)

In the new (still my private) build there is no keyjazz ! Instead every Track plays and records samples polyphonic by extending dynamicly new noterows in the current track (the upper limit is 12 - so you can play 12 notes at once per track). This means, you don't have to care about a jazzrange (it will automaticly extend the number of noterows to record exactly what you've played) and don't have to copy effects along the keyjazz range anymore. Works great. I don't know why noone else before us had this idea ....

#4 Guest_funkster_*

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Posted 03 May 2002 - 20:12