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[Doofers] Impurator

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Posted 09 October 2015 - 23:56

File Name: Impurator

File Submitter: RANSOM

File Submitted: 10 Oct 2015

File Category: Doofers

License: CC0, Public Domain

Impurator v 1.0

Initially this doofer was an attempt to create a tape saturator/console preamp emulation and was planned to include in my previous doofer NastyDLA Mark ATX. Due to some limitations of Renoise it went into a different beast, which is a saturation/distortion kinda thing now, bringing some proper "analogue" dirt to your ultra clean recordings.

Impurator is based on Convolver device, which in proper scenario used for reverberation based on IRs (impulse responses) of real spaces like rooms/halls/churches/etc. I've used it in another way and loaded up it with my own crafted IRs of cassette/vhs tapes, field recordings and some rare "12 inches from Nigeria ;). Also i've added several random LFOs to simulate subtle non linearity in mid/hi frequency ranges.

One instance of Impurator eats around 5-6% @ 44.1 Khz and around 9-12% @ 88.2 Khz on i5 cpu.

Sat Color - controls the saturation color parameter of Convolver device, move left for more bass, move right for more treble (Default parameter is 55 = 10%)
Dry Signal - controls the amount of dry signal which goes to Convolver (Default parameter is 10 = 10%)
Wet Signal - controls the amount of wet signal which goes to Convolver (Default parameter is 100 = 100%)
Mid Exciter - based on Exciter & Mixer EQ devices, use this to boost mid frequencies (Default parameter is 100 = 100%)
Grit! - based on Cabinet Simulator device and simply adds proper amount of grit and dirt (Default parameter is 100 = 100% wet)
Moar Grit!! - boosts the gain of Cabinet Simulator and gives more distortion to your sound (Default parameter is 0 = 38% gain)
Mn/St - based on Stereo Expander device. Some of IRs have phase/dc offset issues, so when applied can sound out of phase or some other issues, also some presets sounds better in mono and vice versa. (Default parameter is 50 = 50%)
200Hz EQ - some presets (also depends on sound source of course) can resonate wildly in low frequency range (usually around 200 Hz), so you can cut or boost this range to your taste. (Default parameter is 50 = 0% gain)

Also there is a filter device at the start of the dsp chain which cuts those 20hz of input signal. Turn on/off to your taste. By default it's on.

Place the Impurator v1.0.xrdp file to your /User Effect Presets/Doofer folder, place those Convolver presets to your /User Effect Presets/Convolver folder and that's it.

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.

p.s. While doing Impurator i was always thinking about lack of those pretty new filters/modulations abilities and oversampling options from Redux and as we all know the 3.1 Renoise beta was released today, so the next versions of Impurator will contain more nice impureness for your recordings :rolleyes:

Click here to download this file

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 00:28

Thanks for sharing!


Lots of grit without harshness! 


Nice as of 3.1 we can drag the xrdp directly onto a renoise track now too! 

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 00:11

Cheap as fuck guitar - Drop B + this one - oh holy!

Thanks a lot!

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 20:39


Place the Impurator v1.0.xrdp file to your /User Effect Presets/Doofer folder, place those Convolver presets to your /User Effect Presets/Convolver folder and that's it.


Is there any chance, that the mentioned Convolver presets will be available again? The link leads to a 404 in Dropbox :-/