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Tool request: Groove template (kind of)

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 11:13

This idea is kind of a workaround for groove templates..


Alternative 1:


It would be nice having a tool that generates BPM automation from slice markers.


1) Load a drum beat, with beatsync enabled.

2) Set slice markers

3) Generate BPM automation from this (some 1/n kind of formula here, I guess).


Now the pattern grid will be "aligned" to the timings of the beat. So, if you would insert the slices into the pattern, none of them would have delay values. This also means that you will track everything in sync with the groove you've extracted.



* Zaps on delay fx and such, when changing BPM.

* Only one global groove. Per-track groove still missing.


Alternative 2:


Apply a groove template to any track. This would basically be a "quantize track 1 to track 2" kind of operation. It would have to also provide some user friendly way of extracting and applying grooves.



* Per track groove.



* Plenty of manual applying, post editing any pattern data.


Alternative 3:


Renoise 4.0 soon to be released covers this natively. Per-track groove, with an "automation" kind of visualization. Groove layers movable/reusable like the slots in the PM. :)