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What made Renoise 'click' for you?

workflow stubborn and its the sheeet what year is this screw ableton im impressed works for me

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 18:15

Ich bin ein Renoiser  :badteeth:

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#27 anttimaatteri



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Posted 14 August 2017 - 19:28

i pretty much like the whole ui. especially the top down tracking nad the the whole "nerdy" hexnumber stuff. seems to me more close to a  traditional composing approach than

all these wave-preview left to right scroller daws with its midi-rolls.

though renoise has its little pesky handicaps and meanwhile i have ableton and still bitwig1.X, i ALWAYS start renoise when sketching out stuff. my renoise fodler has easily the double to triple amount of

unfinished sktches or finished tracks than both other daws combined. i have bought redux too and still dont regret it^^.


i really hope for a bright future with renoise development, but if thats not happening? so what? its already a damn good workinghorse.

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Posted 15 August 2017 - 23:32

...ability to precisely sett the volume-velocity from-to values in batch.

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#29 artscoop


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Posted 27 August 2017 - 15:11

I used MIDI Studio and XTracker (FT2 clone) in 1997 (what I could get my hands on), the went with Modplug Tracker in 1998, and still use it nowadays.
When I looked for new software in 2003 and after, I found Renoise, and saw a quite interesting demo of Renoise. However, at that time, I felt it lacked something.


2004 was the year I tried Fruity Loops. Loved the sound mixing quality compared to Modplug Tracker, but the app was hard to use.


2005, started using VSTs and VSTi in Modplug Tracker just before Olivier Lapicque stepped out and gave it to the community.
Used it extensively until I switched from Windows to Linux in 2008.
The app was still perfectly usable in Linux, but... Wine makes you not want to work with Windows apps. I don't know how it does that.


During some period I did experiments with MadTracker, Buzz and Psycle (hated them) and BeRoTracker (a Modplug Tracker clone).
Nothing better than OpenMPT, which was improving during that time.
Fast forward to 2015 and Renoise 3.1 beta.
Tried the demo, expecting good progress from the last time I tried it. And boy what I found was excellent: good GUI, excellent sound,

built-in filters, automation, VST support (note that as 90% of the VSTs are made for Win and Mac, I have to use a VST bridge in Linux, which is a PITA),

and the "1 pattern per channel" paradigm where you can assemble and reuse existing channels in other patterns.
It really is not that far from a DAW, and no other soundtracker software can compare to it. By far. That's what made me purchase the damn thing.

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#30 2 daze j

2 daze j

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Posted 02 September 2017 - 16:25

I learned to produce on Cubase but back in 2007 I couldn't afford it.  I wound up with Mackie Tracktion, than I got Ableton 5 on sale.  I still thought very much I needed Cubase..     I was trying everything out back then, "max, numerology, psycle, buzz."  I downloaded the Renoise demo sometime in 2008/2009 - could not figure it out.  However, I soon joined these forums, and purchased my license...


Its funny..  I can definitely afford Cubase nowadays - things in my life have changed quite a bit, and for the better.


but I feel like, Renoise is what I know now.  I started with this program I was basically brand new to production, 1 year, 1.5 years into production.  I do not know any other program as well as I know this thing.  Even after a long break, and the last version I used was really 2.9 - even though I kept my license current and am currently registered to 4.1


I needed to buy a new computer recently.  I had downloaded this a couple of times in the last few months but my office machine is not suitable for music production.  However, I've been playing around with Renoise on the new machine I got and like I still know this thing.  I can totally see all the new features, and know exactly where I'm at.  How everything works.   It feels so natural to me.   I hope the program is available for a long time.   

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