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Anyone using an Akai MPC 500? Can you share your experience as a track

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 18:01

Vic, please, don't waste your time with tape plugins, seriously, complete waste of money, you could buy a beautiful deck (a real one) and a bunch of quality tapes to play around with for that price!
None of those plugins will ever produce the effect of natural analogue tape saturation, it's impossible, cause all those plugins are digital (quantized audio).


I just laugh whenever I see stuff like that (and with good reason).

BTW, regards the return of tape, Revox announced they're working on new open-reel tape decks (here's a reveal of a playback only model I believe).
Don't like the design personally, but the important thing about it is that it helps "the return to tape" that is sure to come  ;) 


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Posted 06 October 2017 - 05:48

@Renoised, Yea I thought so too regarding plugins, I think a simulation is never the real thing, or in the case of an existential question, it's not good enough or complete enough as the other and original real thing.

Revox looks interesting and with a few added features would be quite a gear essential. My only concern when is weight at this point. I will however buy a vintage one first:)

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Victor Marak



#28 Renoised


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Posted 09 October 2017 - 21:18

If you do find yourself looking for a deck (or anyone else for that matter), then this website is the best I've seen for allowing you to see the spec and images of each model in a convenient and easy manner:

You can use the links on the left to narrow down searches etc, great site, it's like Cassette Deck Porn :dribble:

#29 EatMe


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Posted 11 October 2017 - 13:38

That's an excellent explanation of what a 3 head and 2 head deck does. You are really invested in analog gear and you certainly know your way around:) Tapedecks forum is a new thing for me, never guessed it, and now I am reading the posts with lot of curiosity. It's just like Renoise forums here lots of great information as a resource and a community as well. Tape based splocong and music concréte goes all the way back to the origins of electronic music. I see a lot of time experimenting with tapes now. I wonder if there is a vst plugin that does complete tape deck emulation with reel length and all that, would be a great addition to regular setup of samplers and computer gear.

Found this to be a more complete emulation of an entire tape deck not just the analog hiss or wow and flutter or tubes part.


I am having a good time here and thanks a lot for your tips and advice. I look forward to purchasing my first proper 3 head tape deck very soon. :)


That costs a lot of money.


This one is free and works quite well:





Also funny to use at times is the TapeStop plugin:



dBlue. one of the Renoise makers, has also released his TapeStop plugin for free:

http://illformed.org/ (see the free plugins)

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