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Behringer X-Touch

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 16:16

Hi everyone!


Anyone here owning an X-Touch or X-Touch compact?


I'm starting with Renoise, and wish to make my X-Touch work with it. There is already support for (most of the) MCU protocol in Duplex, but it's really not to my taste. Also, it seems the full potential of the X-Touch (like color scribble strips) can only be unlocked when using their proprietary Xctl protocol. So, I'm planning on working to implement Xctl in Renoise. It seems fairly simple, except I'm discovering the Renoise API and haven't used Lua in, hm, over a decade (that's not the issue :) I'll get into it fast enough).

I'll be basing my implementation on this doc: http://www.budgetfea...-Touch V1.0.pdf

After a few quick experiments in the terminal, I could configure a scribble strip properly, so I trust this doc is solid. :)

Also, I'm planning to tailor the overlay to my very needs, so if anyone is interested, let's discuss what overlay(s) to create! :)


Apart from that, I'm not sure whether it's better to make a new device for Duplex or code it from scratch. It seems Duplex doesn't handle screens or VU leds yet? Also I couldn't find a proper tutorial to create a new Duplex device, nor could I find a proper starting point in the Duplex docs (Maybe it's already there, I can easily overlook things when I'm browsing, especially the obvious. It happens.)

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 21:36

Nah, you're right. The deeper innards of Duplex is not very well documented (except perhaps in the code itself). 

So I would ignore Duplex for now, and write a simple tool that works. 


The reason that there is no screen support in Duplex is that I've struggled to come up with a sufficiently "generic" solution. Unlike with MIDI itself, there are no standards that define what should or shouldn't be possible. So such a thing would most likely end up being a device-specific feature anyway.

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#3 beublo


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 16:09

Thanks for you response. And for Renoise haha!


It's going surprisingly well. Lua is a bit quirky in unexpected places, but overall it's still a very decent language and the Renoise API is just fluffy for what I've seen so far.


I agree defining a proper abstraction for a screen is a few orders of magnitude more mind-boggling than it's worth in the end, unless we settle on a terribly minimal feature set (and still…). Maybe over time I'll be able to look under the hood and try and bring some help with Duplex.