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Ulster Hands-Up music, a new genre from Northern Ireland (explained)

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 10:13

ULSTER HANDS-UP MUSIC, a new genre of EDM from Northern Ireland...


Now some of you online young people may think that Ulster Hands-Up music (that is, Hands-Up music purely from Northern Ireland, not Germany) is everything from German Hands Up, Uplifting Trance, Dream Trance and Electro. But actually, Ulster Hands-Up has no associations with these genres at all. Ulster Hands-Up music is completely new, fresh, and different from the now cliché German Hands-Up music.


All the rest of the Hands-Up music I've heard from most Hands-Up producers sound exactly alike, and mine is absolutely different. And rightly so, because Ulster Hands-Up music has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH CASCADA AT ALL.


I'll explain this in further detail if you wish...

Starting with such Ulster Hands-Up pieces like "The Blue Sky", "Scene of Summer," "Send Our Message Out," "The Bagpipe Symphony, and "How Does it Feel? (The Asperger Song)", I (Bulletix, also known as Bert Healy, furthermore known as Elliot Gouldberg) am hastening to explode and completely demolish all the clichéd and worn-out conventions of "Cascada-associated German Hands-Up music", and then drill down into the nature of Hands-Up music itself and construct a new sound and principle of Hands-Up music from scratch.


To do this, I destroy the clichéd techniques of using Cascada-esque "Steam blast" claps, choppy overdriven snare-drum rolls, annoying Hands-Up leads (which are overtly detuned supersaw leads drenched in whitenoise), the distasteful-sounding offbeat closed hi-hats that totally clash with the leadsound melodies, the tendencies to make leadsound melodies that are too choppy and melodically messy and all over the place (sounding like just a jumble of notes that are quite dissonant), the now-vapid chord structure of e.g. Dm - A# - F - C - Dm - A# - F - C, and the stupid subject matters that are limited to love, romance, sex, and dancing and partying in the club, and then I replace all of them with unlimited and highly interesting chord structures, snappy TR-909 snaredrums playing an old "rock & roll" offbeat pattern, true TR-909 open hi hats that fit perfectly with the leadsound melodies, simple and catchy melodies (particularly the leadsound melodies), a whole variety of leadsounds (e.g. Irish Bagpipes, church organs, and even "Fargo" preset on the Yamaha PSR-E403 keyboard), and almost unlimited subject matters.


Now I don't want to be boastful or arrogant in any way; it's just that I probably am destined to be the innovator of this Ulster Hands-Up music. It's the Northern-Irish antithesis of German Hands-Up music. So you EDM lovers may think that Ulster Hands-Up music is the next level of German Hands-Up music, but the truth is that Ulster Hands-Up music is a lot broader, fresher, and more creative than you think it is, without even the slightest taint of association with Cascada, Rob Mayth, Master-Blaster, Manian, and other producers of commercial German Hands-Up music.


Before I end this article, below are two examples of Ulster Hands-Up music. Thank you so much for supporting.







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