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sector 7 intrigue?

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Posted 02 October 2018 - 23:16

Also I dont see any reason why a powerful right wing person with connections to the military and other agencies ( perhaps arms manufacturers, secret service etc ) couldnt use a combination of GPS and directed energy weaponry to beam x-rays at a problematic person for a long period of time and have them develop cancer. Look at the case of John McCain. Problematic for Donald Trump, about a year later develops cancer directly above the left eye.


Maybe americas far right have paid to use the russian 'nooscope'?


The nooscope is described as such :


“The nooscope’s sensor network gives clear readings of co-occurrences in time and space, beginning with latest-generation bank cards and ending with smartdust.”




Another thing that has been kept secret until recently is surveillance using interference with wifi signals.

How convenient that everyone has a wifi router in their home and essentially carries one around with them all day in the form of a smartphone, which has cameras and mics in it which can be activated remotely by hackers. Of course governments will deny government hacking of these devices.


"Researchers turn ordinary WiFi devices in rudimentary scanners that can identify potentially dangerous objects hidden inside bags or luggage."




Maybe with a combination of all these technologies it will be possible to create a brainwashed automaton soldier who can recieve images of maps directly into their brain, or orders coming from satellite mounted directed audio device?

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Posted 04 October 2018 - 04:27

Look at what happened to Dave Chappelle...He had to get out of america for 12 years because of that targetting audio shit.

Came back with a stand up routine about 'cold capitalism' saying 'where would I have been for 12 years if I wasnt getting raped?'...Thats the audio targetting problem...His stand up from before was too on point and made fun of those kinds of people too efficiently, then they attacked him using audio targetting...give him long speeches, cant turn off.


I'm not really a fan, but look what happened to Kayne West recently...all of a sudden he appears wearing a MAGA hat promoting Donald Trump, shortly after his wifes home was robbed, coming on stage saying he is in a 'sunken place' and talking about 'mind control' and 'mind programming'...then continuing to promote Donald Trump...


I know it sounds stupid but that is the audio targettings effect on people. He has no choice but to say Donald Trump is so great because he needs the audio turned off. He cant even be too obviously sarchastic about it.

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Posted 07 October 2018 - 22:01

You are interpreting much into patterns with similarity it seem to me. Open filters in the mind can be very helpful for creativity, but sometimes the loose associations tend to drive too hard between the crests of possibilities and unwittingly-unfounded belief. Also I think such topics can be well over the mind, I'd for example rather not dabble in such stuff myself as it seem to high and dangerous for me, and move to south africa if I had enough certanity such sick orwell shit was going in my country.


I mean if such stuff was going, you would soon notice the stories in discussions in voice hearer's networks, forums, mailing lists. Look into those, you will see many people know this stuff, and it is known since ever people begun daring to talk about it...maybe because priests stopped telling them it was a burden for their sins.


Also people would organise and try to test if going into mines or caves could bring relief, instantly or to prevent buildup from external control by radio waves, they'd scan the air or their electric devices like loudspeakers or monitors for patterns that could transmit control messages, mount contac mics to their heads to see if the skull is vibrating, or find some friend who is a doc to make an inofficial crt/mrt in the hospital to look for anomalies, or they'd try stay away from or analyse the media input that the affected people had in the time before the hallucinations happened if there might be sublime messages and control patterns for hypnosis like stuff going inside...I mean not even the most evil dictator would let such stuff loose on people before he is really sure on how to make them quiet about it. If it was what you proposed it would be possibly easy to prove to public and thus (yet...) too dangerous for the aspiring dictator.


Relax, what you describe is really possible with psychosis or hynosis, without any tech involved. It is that freaky, no fake, no drug can be compared, and unlike those it is almost never fun! I mean also the strange effects, the scanning you describe, the seemingly profane and ridiculus things transmitted. I experience psychosis as some kind of big invisible illusionist in the head trying to fool me into believing sick stuff all the time, and "he" does so with virtuosity and would often win for some time. Such things as you describe like doctors in the head or fascist teachings are rather normal (it seldom goes into detail, because it is just about the reaction of the listener...), it would be a strange thing though if many people heard right wing techings talked into mic by some cop in a very similar way.


You sound like you are very stressed about such things, maybe you should try to make some room in your life reducing work, take walks in the green, make some plans to change your life into ways that you like more than the current, you know what I mean. If you experience such voices yourself, try to strengthen your mind as much as you can, some tai chi and buddhist meditation stuff or the like, make people watch a little for you to make sure you dont drift out of control...what might happen in the following time might be very strenuous and dangerous, just as it might as well just stop and disappear at some point, after some crazy experience or just as sleeky as it probably came.