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[Instruments] Golden Bell

Bell Steel Drum golden ratio

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Posted 30 September 2018 - 21:00

File Name: Golden Bell

File Submitter: Zer0 Fly

File Submitted: 30 Sep 2018

File Category: Instruments

License: CC0, Public Domain

A little sound design experimentation. It can sound like a dark bell in the lower octaves, or like a dull steel drum if high pitched notes are used.


The instrument is based upon ring modulation of the golden ratio phi, and further harmonics derived from it. Whole sound is generated from sine waves and effects, and a little plop to make the attack a little beefier.


Sound is partially monophonic, partially polyphonic. If using polyphonic, filters and ringmods will lock in to the last played note. If sequencing in patterns, the rightmost note will define the timbre. Try experimenting with dyads or triads, and the order of the notes for fun...


Try a base note plus one note 15/16 semitones (octave + major/minor third) to get a church bell like feeling going.


Sorry it eats a lot of cpu if used live and not resampled. I already removed lots of mixing steps initially baked into the instrument, yet you may want to change the reverbs/eqs etc in the instrument FX for your specific usecase.


[edit] sorry first upload hat a send disabled that made high notes plop in sick ways, now it should be moderated

Click here to download this file

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