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Some help improving TouchOSC

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Posted 05 December 2018 - 23:00



I try to use the touchOSC and I can tell you it's the best device one can use to control renoise efficiently (especially now you can find an ipad for the price of a midi hardware)


YET, there are some frustrating stuffs I'd like to improve… but I can't wrap my head around Duplex (and I'm supposed to be a programmer.


Here is the current layout




Here is the improved layout :



Some priority modifications :


- Removing all the right column…which is reserved to some very specific usage

- Add a solo row… 

- Add a post level, post pan shortcut for each track

- Get some place by showing few less device parameters (or maybe side by side)


Some very cool stuffs… might be hard tho

- add track and effects names (even it it's just the first 8 letters) 

- add a page with all levels and pan (not shown)

- add a piano page


So… yeah… I'm willing to do all that, but I just manage to break duplex. Would someone want to help me make this new stuff ?

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Posted 06 December 2018 - 10:12

I guess you already wrapped your head around how configurations and mappings and applications interact with each other.


Note that the mappings were added on a "need to have" basis, they're basically all being put to use in one or more of the bundled configurations. So much of this is a question of tweaking or extending applications in order to expose additional mappings -

take the track names, for instance. You'd have to obtain these from somewhere - e.g. the Mixer application or by creating a new application from scratch ... both approaches could be a valuable experience in Duplex hacking. 


The piano, well, you'd just have to make room for it somehow :-) I decided to go with a compact, all-in-one layout for this particular layout but as the "iPhone" layout demonstrates you can have multiple pages in TouchOSC. 


Happy hacking! And I'd be happy to help a bit out from the sideline, of course. 

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#3 Tumulte



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Posted Yesterday, 23:21

Good news, I've finally got to understand that thing and make it work. Got a mixer and solos.


Indeed, there's no built-in functions for naming… I'd love to fine a way to make this work some day !