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Renoise 1.5 Final Released

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 20:48

Dear Renoisers,

Renoise 1.5 final was released!

As the topic says, the final version of Renoise 1.5 (for Windows
and MacOSX) is now available for registered users at the backstage
at http://backstage.renoise.com, and on the official download pages
at http://www.renoise.com/download.php.

An offline version of the tutorials is ready for download
at http://www.renoise.com/download.php.

Huge thanks again from the whole dev team for the massive
feedback during the alpha and beta phase. Thanks to your help this
release is possibly the most intensively tested piece of software
ever. :)

With the release of the final version the 'Renoise 1.5 bug report'
forum is gone. Don't worry, all posts have been moved to the 'Archive'
forum, since there may still be valuable information inside for anyone.

If there are any issues, bugs or problems that you want to report,
report them (as it used to be) in the general Bug report forum.

New price

The official price for Renoise 1.5 (Win32 version + MacOsX version,
including free updates till Renoise 2.5) is now 49.99 EUR + VAT.

The new price only affects registrations from now on. If you are already
a registered user of Renoise, this update is free.

This also means that everyone who registered Renoise before 1.5
and got the Windows version only, will also get the Mac versions of
Renoise 1.5 for free.

What is Next

Renoise 1.5 is just another milestone, the development won't stop.
Learning from the mistakes that we have made in this release, we
will get back to the 'smaller update policy', so the next version will
be Renoise 1.6. If there are any critical bugs that should be fixed
quickly, we might even release a smaller one.

Also we will again setup a WIP voting system for registered users the
next days, where registered users will be able to vote for features that
we should concentrate on the next releases. You will be notified through
a newsletter as soon as the new votings are available.

Changes from 1.281 to 1.5 final

To remind you what has changed from Renoise 1.281 to 1.5, here is
a short summary:

------------- OSX Port

+- Renoise is now available on Mac OSX!

------------- New GUI / Look and Feel

+- Cleaned up userinterface in general (easier to use,
better mousehandling, easier on the eye).

+- Drag and drop

+- Contextmenus

+- Tooltips

+- You can now hide the lower and upper frame of the
interface (for example to edit the pattern in full
screen). Shortcuts:
- Toggle upper panel: ctrl+grave (the key to the left of "1")
- Toggle lower panel: alt+grave

+- Maximize while windowed.

+- Interface is partly skinnable (textures, colortheme, fonts)

+- HSV colors in colortheme editor and global color filters.

+- Option to disable visual effects, for slower PC's.

+- GUI uses less CPU.

+- Improved general stability and responsiveness.

------------- Render To Disk improvements

+- More rendering options
- Render patternselection, current pattern, sequence of
patterns, or whole song. The sequence range can be
automatically set to the selection from the sequencer
context menu.
- Render to instrument

+- Render the patternselection to the current instrument
directly from the patterneditor. Great to create loops
or pads, to "sample" VSTi`s, and lots of other creative

------------- Audio

+- Faster audio engine.

+- Improved ASIO performance.

+- The processingbuffersize is now automatically chosen for
best performance.

+- Metronome. Toggle button is next to the play controls,
settings are in audio configs.

+- Moved dither and clipper settings from the mastertrack to
the audio configs.

------------- Track DSPs

+- New effects: MixerEQ and mpReverb.

+- Mousedragging moves devices.

+- Parameter sliders mapped to a MIDI controller are shown
by a different background color.

+- Automated parameters are shown by a little icon next to
the slider. The color of the icon shows if the parameter
is automated in the current pattern or only somewhere
else in the song. The shape of the icon shows if the
automation is by envelopes or patterncommands.

+- Easy access to automation and remotemapping through
contextmenus for the sliders and DSP's.

+- LFO destination entries are readjusted when changing the
devicechain (swapping, deleting and inserting devices).

+- Sendtrack devices are readjusted when changing the
sendtracks (swapping, deleting and inserting sendtracks).

+- Copy and paste settings between similar devices.

------------- Automation handling

+- Treeview with overview of all devices and parameters.
An icon next to each parameter shows if a parameter is
automated or not. A different color shows if it is in
the current pattern or somewhere during the whole song.

+- Simpler creation of new envelopes: just select a
parameter and start drawing.

+- Automation following: when changing the songposition,
the current automation values are updated.

+- Improved mouse control:
- Leftbutton drag of an envelope point doesn't delete
other points as it did before.
- But with shift it still does.
- Holding ctrl shows tooltip with value.
- Alt+leftbutton drag moves all points' values and time.
- Alt+rightbutton drag scales the whole envelope.
- Drag with ctrl for fine control of value, using left
button, alt+left or alt+right as described above.

+- Vertical and horizontal grid in view.

+- Fixed bug with cubic interpolation. This may cause some
compatibility issues with old songs, if the envelopes
had very fast changes.

+- Toggle for recording of slider movements to envelopes
or patterncommands.

------------- VST

+- Support for multitimbral VST Instruments (via alias devices)

+- Improved stability

+- Missing VST`s will add a dummy device when loading a song
with VST`s that are currently not installed. This prevents
that the document is modified when saving a song
where VST plugs are missing.

+- Added a second user definable VST path to the options

+- Adjust VST`s speed by tempo adjustment switch in song
configs. (Toggles between 1.281 and pre-1.281 behaviour).

+- VSTAutomationDevice: added popup menu to quickly select
a parameter by name.

+- Get default VST path from registry on PC, and use the
systems default VST path on the MAC.

+- Trying to open the editor of a VST plugin that doesn't
have one now opens a default editor with sliders instead.

------------- Patternsequencer

+- Moved to the middleview next to the patterneditor for
larger view.

+- Added names to patterns. The right border of the view
is resizeable so you can show/hide the names.

+- Drag and drop

+- Improved selection

+- Moving, copying and cloning of selected patterns by
dragging with no modifier, ctrl and shift+ctrl.

+- Loop markers (to repeat a selected sequence of patterns)

+- Config option to send noteoff on all tracks when changing
the sequencerposition.

+- New shortcuts:
- Enter patternnumber at the current position in the
sequencer: ctrl+return
- Begin/end selection:
* Begin: ctrl+alt+shift + left
* End: ctrl+alt+shift + right
- Move selection up/down in patternlist:
* Up one position: ctrl+alt+shift + up
* Down one position: ctrl+alt+shift + down
* Up one page: ctrl+alt+shift + pageup
* Down one page: ctrl+alt+shift + pagedown
* To the top: ctrl+alt+shift + home
* To the bottom: ctrl+alt+shift + end
(A page here is the size of selection range).
- Actions:
* Duplicate selection: ctrl+alt+shift + insert
* Make selection unique: ctrl+alt+shift + enter
* Delete selection: ctrl+alt+shift + delete
* Clone selection: unassigned (any good ideas?)
* Loop selection: ctrl+alt+shift + scroll

------------- Patterneditor

+- Smoother horizontal scrolling (scrolls columnwise instead
of trackwise).

+- Show and edit pattern sequence continuously.

+- New visual configs: adjustable vertical and horizontal
spacing and a bigger font.

+- Autosolo current track.

+- Autocapture nearest instrument when changing tracks.

+- Made smart noteoff the default, and added shortcuts
for "noteoff whole row".
- capslock - Smart noteoff
- shift+capslock - Old noteoff
- ctrl+capslock - Smart noteoff on whole row
- ctrl+shift+capslock - Old noteoff on whole row

+- Global shortcuts for double/halve editstep:
- alt+'-'
- alt+'='

+- Shortcuts:
- jump to track 1 (ctrl+shift+home)
- jump to mastertrack (ctrl+shift+end)
- select clipboard 1-4 (alt+1-4)

+- Shortcuts for jump to next/prev row with a note:
- ctrl+shift + pagedown
- ctrl+shift + pageup

+- Shortcuts for jump to next/prev row using editstep:
- ctrl+shift + down
- ctrl+shift + up

+- Shortcut for solo current track: alt+

+- Sendtracks can be muted and renamed.

+- Shorcuts to mute individual tracks directly. Default
shortcuts for the first ten tracks:
- ctrl + numpad 0-9

------------- Sampleeditor

+- Undo/redo

+- Improved mousewheel scrolling

+- New loopfineadjust view

+- Adjust sampletype (mono<->stereo and samplerate conversions)

+- Adjust volume

------------- Advancededit

+- Added "song" and "track in song" sections.

+- The instrument transforming now uses the sections as
other operations do.

+- Added valueboxes for instrument transforming instead of
using the secondary selection in the instrumentboxes.

+- Added new value operations to advancededit:
* Add X/Y
* Sub X/Y
* Mul by X/Y
* Div by X/Y
Where X/Y is a fraction you can specify freely.

+- Made humanize use the fractional value X/Y as max amount
to add or subtract.

+- Improved shrink (now merges contents of the two lines
that becomes one).

+- Can now transpose by any given amount

+- Transpose and humanize:
- Safemode avoids modifying anything if any note would
get outside the valid range.
- Filter by instrument lets you modify only one
instrument's notes.

------------- Diskbrowser

+- Shows filesize

+- Sort by name, filesize or modification date.

+- Sample prehearing without loading the samples.

+- Disabled Mp3 prehearing (they were previously preheared
as raw samples).

+- MIDI import.

+- Selectable raw audio file format.

+- Control+doubleclick a sample or midifile opens import
options dialog. Defaults can be set under config->import.

+- Shift+doubleclick a sample adds it to the next

+- The preset buttons now shows if something is stored in
the buttons, and the tooltip shows the root of the preset.

+- "New song" button added next to the render button.

+- Added "Save song as new defaultsong" button in the
configs->misc tab.

------------- Trackscopes / spectrum view

+- Scopes show master and sendtracks, midi activity
and sendtrack routings.

+- New spectrum view, showing the frequencies of the master
output more excactly.

------------- InstrumentEnvelopes

+- New envelope editor, see automationeditor.

+- LFO improvements:
- new pattern - effects:
x600 - LFO starts from the low peak
x680 - LFO starts from 0 (like x600 previously did)
x6FF - LFO starts from the high peak
- Rightclick the LFO reset button should result in the
relevant pattern command being inserted in the pattern
(as well as all DSP on/off ticks to work this way).
- Shows the LFO device time in "ticks".

------------- Misc

+- Simple but powerful incremental backup saving.

+- Option to avoid the auto-backup saving while playing.

+- Added a secondary MIDI input device.

+- Pan slider in sample section of instrument settings.

+- Clipping indicator at the end of the master VU meter,
which can be reset by clicking it.

+- Added comment box in the songcontrols tab.

+- Set default shortcut for "panic" to ctrl+escape.

------------- Known problems

Windows / Os X:
There are some timing problems with some VST`s (Arturia
CS-80, V-Station), where sometimes the first note of the
pattern is not played when the VST plug-ins arpeggiator
is enabled.

Some VST plug-ins behave strangely when their plug-in
editor is resized. Most of the time, closing and reopening
the editor solves this problem, but we are of course
working on a solution for this.


Have fun with this release, and be prepared for the usual right
after the release beat-battle! :)

On behalf of the whole Renoise team,
eduard [taktik]

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 20:52

w00t !!!

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :w00t: :panic: :walkman: :dribble:

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 21:39

and i thought this was a lousy day :D

#4 Guest_Guest_cyberwax_*

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 22:00


Much love from me :P

(cant remember my login pw and im on my laptop)

#5 Tom de Rooy

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 22:16

Congratulations dev team! Renoise 1.5 is fantastic!


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Posted 20 March 2005 - 22:17

These news were the reason why I was in a haste to finish my working-reports. Yay, my boss will be thankful tomorrow...

Now playing around with this neat thing :)

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 22:34

Renoise is Teh KOR3 trackah!!!
The Bass player.
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#8 Richard M

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 23:17

Argh! Another upgrade!!! :(
I have about 5 different version installed now.

Oh well, at least this should be the last in a while, thanks dev team. :) :w00t: :walkman:
Visit http://www.richardm.co.uk/music/ to hear my latest Drum & Bass tracks!
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Posted 20 March 2005 - 23:18

Congrats team RENOISE. You've single handedly made it possible for me to actually care about making music again. Much appreciated.

Now we need hype! Spread the word, yall.

On the OS X front, anyone care to take on the following task?

cpu Lenovo X220, Intel i7-2640M @ 2.80GHz ×4 os Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
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Posted 20 March 2005 - 23:53

man................this works good!


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 00:10

Congratulations taktik and the whole renoise team. Can`t say thank you enough for your hard work (didn`t realise how much went into software bug fixing until I saw the Archive grow here). Hope you can take a well earned break and a beer, while hopefully some deserved registrations roll in.

Again thanks and all the best!

:yeah: :guitar: :drummer: :guitar:

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 01:28

Incredible job Taktik and renoise team!

looking at that archive of 1.5 bugs its good to know taktik is not institutionalized.... yet :P

:yeah: :walkman:


#13 Rick Hoekman

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 02:50

Awesome! I'm already posting links and screenshots on forums and music related sites! :w00t:

#14 Mike_SWE


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 07:24

This is historic day of trackers, most advanced to date tracker. (incidentally also the tracker with the most "Kazung").

Me loves my devteam, loooves my devteam. Maybe showers of blessings and fortune rain upon you.
/The Mike

#15 Maurizio Giannelli

Maurizio Giannelli

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 10:19

Great Work Renoise Team!!!! :D

I do not live without Renoise!!!! :)
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#16 tnt97


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 10:23

Great work guys! :lol:
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#17 Eran Dax Lonker

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 11:48

if I think back to the alpha's ... a great result - really fast and beautiful ... but I did not expect anything other. ;)

i'm eager for the upcoming features ...


#18 0l3ks4


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 12:39

Congratulations RN team and all you ppl!
Long live track'n'roll!
:dribble: :w00t: :walkman:

#19 ceejay


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 13:52

HOORAAAAY ! :yeah:
Thanx 2 dev team and 2 Taktik personally for patience.
Long live to the king RENOISE

#20 dby


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 14:13

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my first single using Renoise. I can't thank you enough for this excellent piece of software. :yeah:

I'm so looking forward to using Renoise with my new live improvisation project, to show the kids what this puppy is really capable of. B)

#21 nfryspys



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Posted 21 March 2005 - 15:32

Groovy. The v1.5 Final somehow sounds a touch more clean on my machine.
I've tweak'd my computer with all the tips I could find on renoise.com, it does
run a touch better aswell, maybe I'm just imagining but there you have it!

(Mad giggle :w00t: )

Hail the Renoise team! Great work indeed!

Music is noise under control.

#22 tnt97


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 22:24

Amazing work Taktik and other peeps! this is roooooocck :eek:
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#23 mr_mark_dollin


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Posted 22 March 2005 - 00:15

How's people finding it on 98SE? So far for me it uses less cpu than ever before. The Path used to choke my old 850 Celeron at one point, but now no glitches whatsoever.

Big up to the whole community, we are getting there! :) Let's all keep working together and the future will be amazing.
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#24 It-Alien


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Posted 22 March 2005 - 09:25

as I've alreasy said on another thread, the song "The Path" has been slightly modified to reduce its CPU occupancy: to estimate the CPU occupancy reduction, you should compare it by using the song version which comes with RC2.
my specs:
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("Lavender Town Syndrome, 11'33" Psychedelic Beast)

#25 mr moses

mr moses


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Posted 22 March 2005 - 14:43

thank you guys! Renoise IS the best team and tracker in the universe. i can go without food but can not without my renoise.

if i were a woman i'd have your babies! thanx! :guitar: