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#1 Guest_Lunar07_*

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Posted 12 May 2002 - 06:16

I have some questions about RNI (Renoise samples instrument).
1. How many samples does it support?
2. How can I map a sample into a range of notes? I just can not figure this out.

If the RNI format has been finalized with sampled instruments, I hope the developers can contact the developer of AWave Studio to add support for the format. This way we can export RNI's from SF2 banks and other formats via Awave Studio.

#2 Guest_Phazze_*

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Posted 12 May 2002 - 13:19

1.16 (as much as you can put in instrument editor)
2.read help!!!

from help:
instrument selector:
If you use multi sampled instruments (for example piano: each octave is sampled again and again and final samples - let's say we have 7 samples for 7 octaves can be loaded in editor) you can select individual sample by clicking on lower window. Then you can edit it. You will also need to setup sample splits in Instrument Settings in (6) Properties window on which keyboard octave will certain sample be played.

instrument properties:
Split - Select sample split for multisampled instruments (where for ex. each octave can have own sound). You can load split samples in (2) Instrument Selector

later in text:
If you are using multisampled instruments, first select a sample from (2) Instrument Selector and then setup on which sample split it will be placed on. Let's say you loaded (or copy-pasted) 3 samples into one instrument. For first sample (split #1) select that it is on base note C-3. For second take C-4 and C-5 for third. It all assumes that you have one sample for each octave, but you can have more than one too if you setup splits accordingly. Now, when you play this instrument it will play sample split #1 on C-3 to B-3 note, start with split #2 on C-4 to B-4 and start with split #3 on C-5 (to split #4 note) note. Multisampled (splitted) instruments sound therefore more natural. Each split (sample) can have own parameters like volume, finetune etc. Most of the time one sample per octave will be enough, only piano or such instruments require more samples per octave (2 samples per octave sounds very good for piano).

we didn't write help just for fun! it was hard work as well!


#3 Guest_Lunar07_*

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Posted 12 May 2002 - 20:26

Thanks for the answer. I am someone who looks in help before asking. I really did look in Help and must have missed it :o)

#4 Guest_Phazze_*

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Posted 12 May 2002 - 23:51

no prob, most people don't look at help first.


#5 Guest_redribbon_*

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Posted 20 May 2002 - 16:46

From help:
"It all assumes that you have one sample for each octave, but you can have more than one too if you setup splits accordingly."

Yes, but it's not the same way you build multisamples with the piano keyboard of FastTracker. In FT2, the piano keyboard defines the key split for an instrument. To change the key split, you choose a sample within the instrument and then "draw" on the keyboard.

Here's an example that CANNOT be done with Renoise in ONE instrument.
Let's use 2 samples for a fender bass from octave 4 to 5, both of them are assigned to F-5 note and sound -nearly- the same. To get easily some 'fake realistic sound', just assign one sample for 3 following semi-tones with the piano keyboard :
C-4, C#4 and D-4 are sample 0, D#4, E-4 and F-4 are sample 1, F#4, G-4, G#4 are sample 0, and then sample 1, and so on.. If you never did that in FT2, just try it if your soundcard supports DOS compatibility.
With Renoise, you need two instruments (i.e. tiring edit in patterns) or add some track effect (I don't know which one, but I would be very interested !).


#6 Guest_It-Alien_*

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Posted 05 June 2002 - 01:12

ok I'm stupid and similar stuff..
(well I use trackers since 1993 (and I was crying when I've seen Startrekker's screenshot on Renoise's Help so don't say I don't read Help >8)) so I shouldn't be such stupid, anyway...)

but I can't find the "split" button in the "sample properties" panel in Renoise RC2... it's just not where the help screenshot says it should be (there's the "basenote" button instead)!!!

I've tried loading a multisample XI made on FT2 and creating a multisample instrument from scratch..

where am I failing?

thanks in advance

#7 Guest_Phazze_*

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Posted 05 June 2002 - 01:54

that is not Startrekker - it is Protracker from Amiga :)

sorry, help is not updated yet but will be for version 1.0 final because program has changed much (Taktik keeps adding new features) so its hard to maintain help until we have final 1.0 version. This version will be released in next few days. Thats why help will always be delayed at least few days.

You are right about SPLIT button - now it is gone! (Taktik explain that! :-)

to select sample splits you can click on samples (instrument selection window) (lower part of window) upper 8 lines are for instrument selection, and lower 3 are for sample selection for multisampled instruments.
press +/- to scroll up/down.


#8 Guest_Andrew Drays - Condore_*

Guest_Andrew Drays - Condore_*
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Posted 12 July 2002 - 07:09

I didn't realiuze there was even a help there tiill I got an RC release.. when I posted that message, I was still using noisetrekker .. and I didn't have a help.. I just came straight tothe message base.. didn't know there was a main area.. .. at least I THINK that's what happened.. hehe