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Keyboard Layout

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#1 Guest_KarLKoX_*

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Posted 13 May 2002 - 15:32

Hi !
First, i would thanx the authors for such amazing audio tool ! It can do whatever i want, with a crystal sound quality :)
I began soundtracking with Protracker 0.99b with my old Amiga 500, then with FT1/2 and finally with ST3 and IT 1/2. After a long period of tracking with IT, i felt more in my feet with it's shortcuts and it's note key effects, because i used to use a lot my keyboard. Though my question is : would it be possible to add an option wich will add keyboard shortcut from another tracker and their same note effect keys (like in Modplug Tracker) ? It is not a major feature but i think that a lot of personns would appreciate this.
Be prepared, Renoise will roxx the world !! :D

#2 Guest_Phazze_*

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Posted 13 May 2002 - 20:23

if there will be user assigned keyboard shortcuts in one of future releases you will be able to define IT-set, FT2-set or whatever-set of keyboard shortcuts (probably via simple keyboard definition TXT file where you will simply type keyboard shortcuts (there might be a GUI editor for this later)).


#3 Guest_KarLKoX_*

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Posted 15 May 2002 - 14:09

and what about note key effect ? (sorry :)

#4 Guest_Johan_*

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Posted 15 May 2002 - 20:02

How about adding this shortcut... +/- is next/previous instrument now, but if you press shift +/- it could go to the next/previous free instrument?