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24 bit

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#1 Guest_Leif-Ronny Isaksen_*

Guest_Leif-Ronny Isaksen_*
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Posted 15 May 2002 - 14:25

if not yet added (at the moment i dont own a 24 bit soundcard) please add 24 bit support. We are all finished with 16 bit right? 16 bit and 24 bit might not be to different in how clean it sounds but 24 bit has a big difference in dynamics. Sampling from a nice synth like north lead 2 or any other u will notice a difference...

please add 24 bit support :)

#2 Guest_Lunar07_*

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Posted 15 May 2002 - 16:06

Renoise has internal 32-bit float point processing. I do not know what the developers have in mind, but I do not agree that we are finished with 16-bit audio. All Audio CD's use 16-bit audio. Right? Unless I am wrong, does it really matter how a synth sound slike when on the long run you have to dither down to 16-bit audio? :)

#3 Guest_Leif-Ronny Isaksen_*

Guest_Leif-Ronny Isaksen_*
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Posted 15 May 2002 - 22:59

so why go 16 bit? dont we want more? this is my point.. after hearing 24bit synths directly through an amplifier i have no doupt this would be a great idea.. now how to record it to a media that could play this is probably to early still.. but hell how about beeing the first?

and.. if u sample using a 24bit card from a synth >16 bit ofcourse it makes a difference.. it kicks ass..

havent u ever sampled from a real instrument and felt that somethings still missing? like the sound is clear and nice ok but still some of the "real instrument" is missing or lost? and lets use the 32 bit float processors quality abit more instead of wasting it to just downsample it again to 16bit?

#4 Guest_Trackah123_*

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Posted 16 May 2002 - 02:02

I hope my Sound Blaster Live Platinum supports such high quality bit/hz..

I miss the super-stereo phat deep sound (High and Low frequencies)..
I know i talked about this subject before but my question is...

Does 24-bit or 32-bit has something to do with Phat High/Low frequencies?
Something about Dynamics...
for example...Like the bassdrum on a LP sounds deeper then on a CD..

I don't know what soundquality modern sound-hardware uses?

#5 Guest_TakTik_*

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Posted 16 May 2002 - 14:19

all you need is a soundcard with asio drivers that supports 24 or 32 bit,
then the internal floats are converted to 24 or 32 bit ....