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[fixed] PDC issues in sample effect chains with phrases (6)
[fixed] Linux: High, growing CPU usage in Redux with Bitwig (8)
[fixed] OSX: Hotplugging audio interfaces doesn't work (until rest (5)
[fixed] Midi import: Polyphonic notes placed in wrong column (6)
[fixed] Timing problems with plugin MIDI routing (7)
[fixed] Cloning track group: assigns new colors & other things (12)
[fixed] Phrase drag /drop -> Target note idicator wrong (1)
[fixed] Graphical Tempo automation issue (6)
[fixed] Possible hanging MIDI instrument note(Off)s with phrases (6)
[fixed] Phrases, Ghost Notes and 0Z Command not working as expected (5)
[fixed] Tools manifest file, renoise doesn't allow https homepage (1)
[fixed] Phrase suppressing following non phrased instrument (5)
[fixed] Copy-paste track with MIDI cmds misses some delays (3)
[fixed] Render to sample - sometimes adds a little extra tail (3)
[fixed] Notes at end of the pattern missing in Matrix with max. zoom (1)
[fixed] Two midi devices get the same midi device name (5)
[fixed] Minor grammar issue in dialogue (1)
[fixed] Phrases triggered with delays are incorrectly autoseeked (2)
[fixed] Mark Whole Track with no Track FX columns (2)
[fixed] Crash with special combination of slice and offset commands (6)
[fixed] Glide command and volume control problems (4)
[fixed] Slice to Phrase: Weird Behaviour With Some Loops (1)