00-ff Not Precise To Set Steps With Lfo Device Properly?

As topic says… Trying to automate an LFO device, but the value I want to set, 6 LPC, is somewhere in between 2A and 2B…

Any tips?

Edit: But topic should of course say “not precise enough”

Do it with automation, can set it precisely there.

Works with pattern commands and a bit of tricking around too. Here is an example.


Hmmmki… Will have to fool around with that a bit then I guess, want the visual cue that pattern commands give

Resetting the lfo with x700 is important i see?

The first LFO has all the values you want to use with a pattern command in a points envelope. Just leave a bit of space between each point. If you can’t set exact values in that little LFO curve editor, prepare the automation in the normal automation editor and cut it out and paste it back into the LFO device. The reset command is used to actually set the value… x6yy, where yy is the offset into the LFO curve, basically the value you want to set. The device turn on/off is used to prevent the LFO from further running into the next point.