01xx & 02xx Command Slide To Much..

Alright, so I’m fiddling around with the amenbreak (original huh) and I want the snare to repeat and go down in pitch.
So I put every second line:

c-400 0940 0220

c-400 0940 0240

c-400 0940 0260

Now, the pitch really sliiides and I just want it to be exact…
…what am I doing wrong, now it sounds really weird and spacey.

Correction of my old post below (thanks It-Alien):

210 slides a semitone down and 2C0 an octave.

Also if you want the slide to last longer than a line do it like this:

C-4 00 0940 02C0  
--- -- ---- 0200  
--- -- ---- 0200  
--- -- ---- 0200  

This is slide down one octave during a period of 4 lines.

Beatslaughter, your description of the command is not correct: it’s 0210 that pitches down a semitone, not 0201.

see tutorials

Ah, yes, thanks for pointing that out. Corrected the error in my above post.

Another way to achieve, what he might like could be something like this. No pitching needed at all, maybe he means that with fixed? This only works if the sync isn’t activated in the sample properties though, but one could rerender the loop using the box checked once and use that sample instead.

C-4 00 0940  
B-3 00 0940  
A#3 00 0940  
A-3 00 0940   

this is still not true: the above 4 lines will slide down four octaves, one octave per line