09\pitch Ft2\renoise

First, thanks for a lovely program. Only regret I have is not having found it earlier. I’m a tracker for many years, eight years ago I switched to Logic. This is the only thing that would ever make me move from Logic. It kicks the butts of any DAW from a distance, maybe I should repeat what I said earlier on #renoise, Renoise is by far, not only the best music composing software but also the STRONGEST sampler ever created. No VST is ever gonna give you the power and control over a sample like a real tracker. Today I even kicked my midi controller. I missed that keyboard touch!
I had a thought.
Personally, I think that 01xx\02xx effects is much more logical in FT2\Amiga mode, for me atleast. It gives a much wider range of pitching, faster too.
But when I choose it, I have to bear also the Amiga style 09xx\sample offset effect, for sure back in that time samples were tiny and it wasn’t a problem to pick offsets from the entire sample.
But now when you have pretty big and long samples, the FT2 sample offset style would allow you to get offsets only from the first 5 seconds of the sample. While the new Renoise format, allows you to “enjoy” the entire sample.
Is it likely to be possible to enjoy the best of both worlds?

Hello and welcome back!

Good news for you.
This is taken care of in the next version of Renoise, where you can choose both things separate:)