09Xx Effect Not Lining Up With Beats

So I have a project at 127bpm, and 7 lpb setup for a 7/4 drum and synth loop. The problem is it seems the beat lines up at every 12th 09xx command (0912, 0924, 0936…) but the 09 command does not realy line up with the beat its either a half in front or behind the beat, meaning the 0912 position doesn’t sit right on the 1 beat, but a good ways before it. This throws the interpolation off alot and places the 4th beat at 0949. The Beat sounds almost right but you can hear the jitter of the off notes when anything plays past 8th notes. Now whats going on? Does Renoises 09 command only line up with 4/4 beats, or should i be programming a 7/4 pattern with some other settings. thanks

09xx just divides the sample into 256 chunks, it doesn’t necessarily line exactly up with any beat. Just think about a real drummer with groove, where most beats are either slightly early or slightly late.

You do know that you can go into the Sample Editor, rightclick on one of the Measurement Bars and set it to 09xx, yeah? I believe by default the lower bar should be at this anyway. Then you can get a good idea roughly by eye. Or if you click any point on the waveform it will actually show you the closest 09xx value to use.

You may also be able to slightly improve it by adding a tiny section of silence at the end of your sample, this will be fine as long as you are never relying on looping it.


7/4 time. You could even add one whole beat of silence (times number of bars in loop), then you would be back to the usual 0920, 0940 … 09E0 position.

256/4 (beats) = 64 = 40h
256/7 (beats) = 36.571428rec = 24.9/A(ish)h

So what do you think? If you worked to 24 1/2 (hex) per beat you would be maybe close enough not to notice.

(see from your example you’ve got double the length of look but sure you get what I mean.)

New 2.7 has Slice Markers though, so as soon as that goes official (RC) even demo users will have access to it and should be the total end of your worries. Probably not even worth me going into this so much as it’s pretty much obsolete from a Renoise perspective.

Thanks man that makes sense, I realize now its 256 slices per sample ima try adding some silence. thanks