0Axy Effect At High Bpm / Lpb

I make tracks at pretty high speeds, usually around 180-210 BPM with the LPB set at 8 or 16. Unfortunately, this completely ruins the 0Axy effect. The arpeggiated notes trigger way too quickly to be decipherable. Is there any way to slow down the speed of just the 0Axy effect but keep the BPM/ LPB high?

you could try lowering the number of ticks per line (ZKxx), but this will lower the resolution at which the ticks-based commands (such as volume and pitch ramping commands) work, as they are executed once per tick.

another try can be using only one digit of the two for each line; here you see a 0-3rd-5th arpeggio which is performed separating each non-zero number with two zeroes:


anyway, if you want to use 0Axy as a “low frequency arpeggio”, you are probably misusing it, as it is not really intended to be used for such purposes, expecially at high BPMs: 0Axy is a legacy of the AMIGA era and was used to fake chords because at that times the number of available tracks was limited to 4.

as an alternative, you could use the glissando command with high values and low number of ticks per row:

C-5 ZK03   
E-5 0GFF  
G-5 0GFF  

this will perform an almost instant legato at each note. if you are looking for prolonged arpeggio notes, this second way is the only one to go

With those speeds, you don’t need Axy, this tool for sure will help you out by either way create the arpeggio in the pattern or generate one in the pitch envelope:

With the pattern arpeggiator, you have the freedom to use the same instrument with multiple arpeggio schemes though and it also affects plugin instruments.

Awesome, thank you both.