0DXX and Delay Column

If I enter a Delay Column value and 0DXX value in the same row, the 0DXX fx is ignored :frowning:

This makes sense on an operational level (ie the note is triggered after the effect value is tiggered), but it’s not really a desirable behaviour. Am I missing something?

Seems to work fine here in both 3.0.1 and 3.1 — The note delay and pitch down commands are combined correctly, resulting in a pitched down and delayed sound.

6512 renoise-3-0-1-delay-pitch-down.xrns

Can you share your own .XRNS with us that clearly demonstrates the problem?

Ah ok!

Yes those projects run fine for me.

I’ve realised the problem - in my project (attached) I have the Ticks set to 1 in Song Settings (to hackily disable the slidey effect with 0DXX/0UXX fx)

Is this issue surmountable? I loves my 0DXX and I’m in the mood for triplets too!

Indeed, you’ve stumbled onto quite an interesting edge case here when using 1 TPL. We’ll simply have to investigate it further. Thanks for reporting.

cool glad i’m getting into the nitty gritty with this thing :slight_smile:

i can’t see any reason why 1TPL should stick a spanner in the works from a user point of view, obviously it’s understood that programming may be an entirely different matter though!

“Shit happens.”


haha it most definitely does