0UXX behaves strangely with Timestretch

Brief description
0UXX command has strange behaviour on Timestretched samples

Steps to reproduce

  • Load sample / instrument
  • Enable Beatsync Timestretch
  • Enter 0UXX command values in for that instruments notes in the Pattern Editor

Expected results
Pitch slide up at same speed as 0DXX command

Actual results
Much slower (and delayed?) slide than with the 0DXX command

The pitch effect should not be slower, but it indeed will be delayed a little bit because the time stretching needs to buffer its audio inputs in order to do its job. It would be great if there would be a way to get around this, but I can’t think of none which introduces other problems.

ah right, yeah the delay seems to increase the higher the pitch jump so that makes sense. thanks for explaining. and i’ve managed to get the results im after using sample offset on repitched new notes so i’m happy :slight_smile: