1/16t And Similar Notes..

Is there any way how to write these notes in renoise ? I know it can be done with note delay effect, but that’s not very quick method… Maybe this should be solved if renoise supports more patterns playing at once, where every pattern has it’s own “speed” for example one pattern playing arpregios is like 1/16 notes … = 140bpm at speed 3, another one playing strings for example [long chords] will be 1/4 notes = 140 bpm at speed 12
and you could also create pattern that will features 1/16t and similar notes
altough I don’t know how this should be done… I know this reminds fruityloops system [that i personally don’t like at all] but it’s very creative method and you still can use 1 patter in sequence way… it will be just another welcomed option :)… Do you see my point ?

anyway, any idea how to make this notes effectively ?

well you can also use more lines for a beat and crank up the bpm.
for example 12 lines for a quarter is dividable by 3 and 4.

You can play every pattern with it’s own speed by defining them through the speed and tempo commands in the effect column.

f0xx - Set BPM (20 - ff)

f1xx - Set songspeed (01–14)

And as a bonus you can expand or shrink patternsizes of each individual pattern so you can arrange the same amount of notes into one pattern without needing 2, 3 or even 4 patterns for it instead.

Yes this is standar tracker feature I know ofcourse, but that was not my point. My point was that you can play more patterns simultaneously where each has different “speed” Maybe it could be better explained if you can for example “zoom in” “zoom out” to the sequencer… For example you have speed

140/6 … ==> zoom =1:1 track flows normally
140/6 … ==> zoom =2:1 track flows like in speed 140/3
140/6 … ==> zoom =1:2 track flows like in speed 140/12

if arranging more patterns at once will be possible this would have lots of benefits, like deailed work for drums or arpregios for example on speed 140/3 and arrangin in zoom out mode for strings for example…

now you can have sequence something like this…

beats ||| pads
00 03
01 04
02 03
01 04

the idea was already mentioned here but with zooming or changing the flow of pattern I suppose that there can be also made sheets that supports 1/16t notes in pattern where every beat is on 1/16t without using delay on a notes so finally you can use all instruments together with a same speed, you just arrange your pattern to a needs of the instrument. It will help to make some nice grooves… If you have only one pattern you can create these notes only the slow way… just droping notes will be much better for workflow. This should be ofcourse also solved with piano roll where you can set length of notes directly. But this is the way i suppose it can work in tracker interface.

Owh, you are one of the party that desires a sort of Buzz solution. It doesn’t really matters when it involves patterns or tracks, IMHO being able to use tracks with their own speeds and pattern-size integrities and just arrange your patterns with these various tracks seems a much better solution.

But don’t know if that will be a future solution, however it would make Renoise available better to a broader range of user and seems the first logical step towards a tick-free based sequencer.

buzz cannot do that, it’s like renoise, all patterns run with the same speed.
the solution in buzz is, like i wrote in my former post, to increase the TPB value.
find a number that is the lowest common multiple for the numbers you need and you’re set.

I can’t imagine one pattern with tracks on different pace tho :confused:
Zoom out / zoom in feature from buzz is cool, Personally i never liked buzz engine, but after sequencing in other softwares like reason cubase and similar I miss something now in trackers. Ticks are pain in the ass i guess :confused:

I would recommend a patternlength of 80H (128) for 4/4 measures and C0H (192) for 6/8 measures , running at speed 3. This gives you 1/16th lines, requiring two patterns for a full measure in either

Ive been using this pattern size ever since FT2 :)

for the 38497928759325th time:
we cannot use BUZZ solution, otherwise you will be forced to make all patterns of the same size, otherwise you will get mad.

This can be good for trance songs, but believe me, it’s not godd for anything else.

You can play 1/16th notes, there are plenty of ways to do this:

  • the way explained by vvoois
  • using retrigging (Exy command)
  • advanced edit => pattern expand
  • locally expand a selection of the pattern where you want to play that notes

An old trance type XM file redone a little with Renoise (1/32th resolution)

Wrote this little piece many years ago, uses the high resolution I talked about.

Demo fragment for a 6/8th rythm style. (1/48th resolution)

In this age, diskspace for this type of of patterns shouldn’t even be considered :P

that’s probably because you do not use to change pattern resolution locally:
if you instead do so, most of your patterns will have lengths such as 67, 99, 131 rows, or similar.

What if you need to play a sequence of patterns made of a drum pattern of 66 lines together with a bassline pattern of 135 lines?

If your answer is “ReNoise should just take care of syncing them”, then my answer is: " :unsure:"

the problem here is a misunderstanding…
some people seem to think buzz would allow you to play different patterns at different speed at the same time, but that’s just not true.
yes, you can use different patternlengths, but you have to use values that fit together, otherwise you’ll be running into problems.

if you need a high resolution for your drums, your forced to use the same high resolution for all other patterns.
And Buzz does NOT allow pattern zoom like someone here claimed. makes me wonder who has actually used the program. <_<