1.25 Beta3 is available now

This is just a small update to be sure that now all known problems are really fixed now.

  • The barwidth of the spectrumview can now be adjusted by pressing
    the “width” buttons

  • Fixed 24bit wav sample import

  • Imported 32bit wav samples are correctly scaled now

  • Fixed the small but effective crashbug that occoured sometimes randomly
    when loading songs

Enjoy, and thanks for helping us testing. This way we can ensure that the final version will be as stable as possible.

3 betas down…how many to go?

I hope thi will be the last one and the final version will be released soon :) :)


yes, this is the last one. I just want to have a build that is as stable as possible.

better with many betas than a unstable sharp version… ;)

What twilek said. :yeah:

true :D :D :D