1.271 Release

We are finished with the 1.271 bugfix release wich will contain fixes for the big problems that we either couldnt solve in the last relase or wich poped up since then. This is mostly VST / VSTi related.

To be sure that nothing got broken, I would like to test this release in a small group before we officially release it.
If you are a registered user and would like to help, contact me and I will send you a binary.

If all goes well, we will do the official release in a few days then.

And before people wonder whats new in this release : Nothing.
There are !no! new features. This is just a bugfix release. 1.3 is the next version that we are also working on wich contains more new stuff to play with :)

gimme that one :)

I can help, as usual ;)

I’d be thrilled to help - please count me in!

(Except the curved envelope bug.)

maybe 1.3 … nobody knows … but my opinion is: it’s not so important except it offers scalable pattern fonts…

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yes it’s for version 1.3

don’t know this bug … and not all bugs of vsti’s are bugs depend on Renoise. what version of kontakt you are using!? … i have really no problems with 1.2.1!

Hi Taktik!
I would be thanksful :D if I can test the new 1.271 version. you can send it to me at my address j_petrucci@virgilio.it


:guitar: :drummer: :guitar:

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I also would be glad to help. B)


erm, any need for registration data?

Simply contact taktik at taktik@renoise.com

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